Lord of the west - no one playing?

I downloaded and installed LOTW about 2 weeks ago. Ever since there seems to be no one else playing!

It can take up to 20 minutes to match on a ranked 1v1 and there are only ever 1 or 2 games (if any!) in the unranked lobby browser. Even in the spectate game tab, there are only every a couple of games going on.

I am playing version 101.101.44725.0.0 - is this the correct version I should be running?

I have cross-network play enabled?

Is anyone else having similar problems?

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Current version is 44834, I don’t know why yours is lower or what you can do to fix but that is probably the problem

Yeah no the queues are busy and steam says there’s still the usual player base online. It’s actually higher since DLC dropped. So probably just that version issue…