Lords of the West Unique techs

In the new DLC Lords of the West, two new civilisations are released, both of them heavily rely on “Age III”-mechanics for their unique techs, which I dislike cause I don’t think we need Age III outside of Age III. Other than that, these unique “techs” don’t feel like techs at all. They just have an one-time effect and that’s it. Yes, techs like these have been in the game before, see paper money for Vietnamese, which is to be honest not an very interesting tech, and also hasn’t the tech-vibe to it, but for Vietnamese this is atleast just one unique tech that’s like this. The Lords of the West civs only have unique techs like this.
I think the unique techs of these civilizations should have more long term value, to feel like a tech.

I was already thinking of some ideas for these civs.
Burgundian Vineyards:
Now: Convert all food in a 2:1 ratio to gold.
My idea: Give them extra gold for selling food in the market.
Another idea: Give them gold income for food collected by their farmers. For example 1 gold per 100 food collected. This value is of course dependend on the tech tree of the burgundians, cause paladins with 50% gold return and good gold income for farming seems too strong, but I think this tech keeps the spirit of the techname, and is unique enough.

Flemish Revolution:
Now: Upgrades all villagers to flemish militia with a bonus attack against cav.
My idea: The only idea I cam up with is to make the flemish militia buildable in the barracks like maybe strong pikeman with a low gold cost, similar to the kamayuk but without the +1 range and less beefy but therefore spammable in the barracks.

First unique tech:
Now: Every TC spawns 7 unique units.
My idea: Give them spawn 7 unique units per TC, but make the tech re-researchable and more expensive every time you research it.

Second unique tech:
Now: Gives you and your allies 15 gold per military unit.
My idea: Reduce gold cost for every gold costing unit by like 5, but for the whole team, or reduce overall unit cost for the team, by 2 to 5 percent.
Another idea: Give them gold for kills. 1 gold per kill is probably too much, but surely the dev team can find an balanced value for this, maybe even only give them gold for killing gold costing units, or give them 1 to 5 percent of the ressources that the killed unit cost.

I’d be happy to hear some of your ideas to put “tech” back into “unique tech”.


Altering market price on food could potentially make civ food exchange too good. Right now Saracen holds 19/21 as civ bonus. Can’t go higher than that.

Generating gold through farm might be too good even for 100 food per 1 gold. But this one can be a thing.

I would like to link tc numbers to gold generation like a relic, but limits to 1 relic generation per pair of TC and caps at 4 or 6 tc.

For spawning units, a better way would be enabling the production of said unit at barracks, trains nearly instantly but caps at 28. This would be a quick way to train a small defensive army.

Transforming militia one should have an upper limit imo. Otherwise I’m ok with that.

Other techs I have no comments atm.


These proposals of yours are much more intresting than the shipments it seems we’re gonna be given.
I specially like these ones

I hope our complains get attention. These instant one time techs are not healthy for the game in the long term


I really like the suggestions, and I agree that the techs seem too much like AoEIII. I really like unique techs because to me they feel like more powerful civ bonuses, and that’s not really what’s reflected in the new civs. Sure, through good timing and strategy one could pull off some really cool strategies, but I tend to like more permanent (and less dramatic) civ bonuses like the ones you suggested.


you know in most games that’s like 200-400 gold over the entire game? that’s not a lot.

I wish this was implemented in the game OR keep the same price but put a cool down between researches like 10 minutes for example. These should be the standard for “single” use techs like paper money or Cuman mercenaries.

Yes also this is not available directly. You have to research castle build a castle research the tech then so actual gold might be very less

Thanks for the supporting comments. I hope posts like this one find their way to the developers, cause It seems to me this is the broad opinion of the community.

So, like gold generation per tc as strong as one relic but capped at 4 or 6 tcs?

I would like the cuman mercenaries to be endlessly recruitable to an limit of 10 or more, but not for free.

I was just using values that came in my mind first, the value can easily be ajusted.

Technically all techs are one-time use :clown_face:

What I want to say is gold generation as strong as half the speed of relic per tc and Caps at 4 or 6 tc.