Losing Multiplayer Rating in Singleplayer?

Game Version: Live version as of writing this post

  • Build (yeah idk the live version)
  • Platform (Steam)


I was streaming some Kotyan Khan campaign immediately after playing some matchmaking. After comically losing the first scenario of the campaign, I check the achievements and I see that losing the scenario caused me to somehow lose multiplayer rating. This was not especially pleasant. I went on to play (and beat) the next two scenarios of the campaign, and did not gain any rating, so idk if it was just a losing thing or a first-game-after-multiplayer thing. But yeah this is kind of a big problem.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Played a couple games of ranked 1v1 multiplayer
  2. Immediately switched over to Kotyan Khan 1 (did not restart DE or anything if that matters)
  3. Played Kotyan Khan 1 and got defeated by losing my hero at the last second
  4. Checked achievements and saw that I somehow lost MP rating

Attached a screenshot of the incident. Left in Twitch Chat for comedic value and verification 11

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