Losse resources while canceling

Hi, does anyone know in which situations the resources of building something are lost or partially lost, duento being attacked?

It’s not clear to me, because sometimes I cancelled a castle being hitted and gave me the whole resources, then other times would give me just a few.

And for landmarks? Is there any resource penalty cancellation?

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u lose res if your building gets attacked and then cancelling it.

And what about lanmarks? Are ever lost? I remember in the past it happened (i think) but maybe this got removed?

just the same for landmark

you loose resources based on % damage the building takes.

A rough example:

100 wood building, looses 1 wood per 1%.

So when the building finishes and someone has done 10% damage on it, it will be a finished building with 90% HP and you gotta repair it to full HP.

But if you cancel the construction you only get 90% return, so 90 wood.

Now the math is a bit different in the game itself, but the basic principle applies.

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Also for landmark? (20 characters)

that includes landmark yes.

But as mentioned, the math is a bit different, especially on landmarks.

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Question: what happens with emplacements (or Fortify) that are being processed or queued when an outpost is broken? Does the stone get refunded or lost?

I think every tech or unit being produced is lost if the building is broken.

This is the reason I ever cancel units or techs if I see they will not come in time.