Lost connection to server. attempting to reconnect

Hi, so I have this infamous problem but I do not think it is actually about the game or my network. Reasons being I play with 2 other friends. One of them in a different country and other is at the same Wi-Fi as I am. When we are at the same game, they do not face it and I face it like 3 4 times for a half an hour game. It reconnects back after like 1-2 minute game time, but I cannot live this. When I check my Wi-Fi connection however, it says connected so the Wifi adapter does not totally disconnect.

I have Acer Nitro 5 from 2020. I checked my network drivers and they are up to date. When I run ping tests online with some tools for 10+ minutes, they do not show significant failures. Anyone facing similar issues and any known possible fixes to this annoyance?