Lost connection to server

I recently bought this game. I have a good internet connection where i can play multiplayer game online. AoE2 :DE disconnects frequently and does not reconnect even though i am connected to internet whole time. Any suggestion?


Same here, disconnect in the middle of the game and does not reconnect, even though I can access internet in my browser. Never happened until a week ago. Now happened every 4 matches or so. Does not happen in any other of my games. Extremely annoying while playing ranked game, please fix this.

Yes I even lost 4-5 ranked games due to this . Now I am not playing ranked games anymore because I might lose Elo. Really frustrating.

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Up because it just happened once again, after 10 games this time, Im waiting to reco as I’m typing this one the same internet connexion… FIX THIS QUICK PLS

I would advice you to make a bug report about this in the right section of this forum:


dw its not your pc its this trash game they cant get it right ever update and makes different issues its like they have 12 yr olds at the helm

This keeps happening to me as well… with super low ping. Twice in a row now in ranked… please fix this.

low feedback, internet going nice for all things instead connection to aoe2 de server, losting a lot of connections, please give a solution, this kind of error can lead an abandonement of serious players

Almost same here.
My case is like that: If i don’t run the game, everything will be ok - my wifi network is perfect, download upload speed is fine.
But when i run this game, within 5 min, i will loss the connection to the server and at the same time, i loss my wifi connection too.
At first i suspect it is the wifi adaptor problem because my Killer 1535 adaptor is famous for the loss. However, i have tired to un-install and install all drivers and all others work well except the AOE GAME!!!
Believe this is some bug and anybody have the same issue?

Welcome to the club, this has been a known issue for some time now. It’s even in the Ongoing investigation section of the patch notes.

Did this problem ever get resolved? I have been playing without problem since release 2019 but recently started having this exact problem since the last update December 2022 patch. Really frustrating.

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I have the same problem - the network connection disappears.
When playing a network game, after a while all the characters freeze and do not move. I can move the map, click on game elements and all the information appears, but I can’t order or command anything.
When I exit the current game in the main menu, the network game elements are greyed out. Sometimes this happens when playing an offline game with AI - when I go back to the main menu, the network game elements are grayed out.