Lost interest in aoe3, hesitant to pick up aoe4

Ever since aoe4 released, I’ve stopped playing aoe3 for some reason. Before the release I would play like 4-6 games 1v1v ranked everyday. I want to pick up aoe4 asap but I am really hesitant. I want to start with the delhi sultanate. I watch videos and build orders but havnt started multiplayer. Not really interested in the campaign. I just want to get into 1v1 ranked. Is anyone else feeling the same?


Delhi Sultanate is entertaining and unique civ.
I recommend this you

Yeah many are waiting for ranked play. I’m by no means a “pro” but i enjoy playing for something you know? You have a ghost ranking for quickmatch i guess that’s supposed to place you with “similar skilled players”. But that’s no fun, being i still don’t feel like i’m working towards something…

Also where the heck is support for clans?? Im much more of a 2v2 and 3v3 player, but i do enjoy the occasional 1v1 skill throwdown. I just enjoy the variability of a teams match. Where i don’t feel quite as much on repeat. Currently you can “add friends” but its nothing compared to laying out strategies with clan mates… Then also hopefully having a clan ladder you can try to as a group work at increasing your global ranking.

I wish we could atleast get a roadmap type description from the devs on ranked play and hopefully they aren’t overlooking clans… They point out what the support team is working on as far as patching known glitches. But even those don’t have a timeline as to when they expect them to be implemented…

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Even though ranked is not there as of yet, don’t you have matchmaking already? Which puts you against players of similar elo

Yeah I call it a “ghost ranking”, because it doesn’t show up anywhere on your profile… Sort of strange. Atleast let me see the number they are affiliating to me. So i can “feel” where i’m at and look at my opponents ELO in a custom match to see what i’m up against.

For some reason they define matchmaking as “Quick Match”. Which to me doesn’t seem to lead to the immediate conclusion that they are pairing people by ELO. They are of course pairing players! But, unless you looked this up, you would probably just jump right into “Custom” which looks more like the classic AOE2 and AOE3 hosted games list most are familiar with.

You can already track your progress and ELO on the leaderboards:

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Yupp! I am grateful to have that feature at all considering!.. But, its not overlayed in game, which makes little sense to me… Almost seems… well, silly… There’s a lot that seems silly to me though hah…

It really seems apparent to me that they are leaving out clans all together… and an RTS which runs 2v2 3v3 and even 4v4 matches seems like something you would want to add clans too and give feature too!. If anything to help maintain activity and community. I was told Discord is the main hub for this sort of thing but it seems the moderators there aren’t trying to add any infrastructure to promote clans like they did in the other additions… Ive seen some good ideas from people on discord about just adding simple additions to their discord page like a place to hold and advertise tournaments But, Half the ideas that come up they mention some third party website or something they recommend using… lol why??

Why cant i access the leaderboards in general from the multiplayer/community screen…? Why do i have to go to an outside website through my web browser… Overlaying HTML on its own tab in game would take someone over there all of 30 minutes to add… Not to mention just showing my ELO on my profile so its public for other users to see without manually searching elsewhere… Not really feasable when loading into a game or sitting in a lobby…

If they dont want to support clans atleast give me the ability to add a 3-5 letter TAG at the start of my name… This is also another like 30 minute addition…

Just give it a go though the xbox game pass for 1 dollar or 1 euro. If you really like it you can buy it.

I never played 1v1s in aoe2 and are giving it a good try and its really fun! :slight_smile:

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There are keys you can’t rebind ingame but you can easily remind using the config file.
I have no idea why they do things like that. Just not activating something that already works.

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I played the Beta and wasn’t that interested, too much like AOE2 I thought.

Then I bought it and love it.

At 57 I even won my first 1v1 match :slight_smile:

Arthritis stops me playing many games a day, but the odd 1 or 2 1v1 or skirmish v AI is very enjoyable.

And the name I use is BowtomePhil not this name displayed, trying to get it changed.


weird changing names isn’t easy had to create a new account to change name and then had to add a 2…grrrr at least not benjeet anymore

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The game needs much more polish when it comes to UI, hotkeys and some micro aspects. But I am having more fun with this game than I have had with any game for many years - it just has that special x factor.

It is basically a fantastic game with lots of flaws.

How i can on the ELO list be?

Mosat play 10 1v1 games

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as far as I know you can change you gamertag once for free, then it’s a paid service (10 euro I think)