Lost my mod local files. How can I edit my mod again?

I had to format my pc. I lost my local files. I’m still suscribed to my mod, so I have access to my files, but if I modified those files, I would only modify them locally, right? So, could anyone point me in the right direction?
My mods, BTW
Roman vs Huns
Hun to Mongol Theme

Just copy paste the files back into a new mod in your local directory, and then you can publish them again.

But, wouldn’t that create ANOTHER mod with the same files? Or will it override it?

It would be another one, but at least you could edit it again.

Bummer, but, if there’s not another solution, I’ll have to do it

local and subscribed are separated and I recommend strongly not to edit anything in subscribed folder because it syncs and check with whats available on MS’s mod server.

Download the published version of the mod. move it to the local folder. Delete the json file. When you update the mod, you will have to select the new folder from the dropdown.

I forgot I could upload my mods that other way. Thanks!