Lot of question about cumans

Hello all, actually i test cuman heavily and i really like them, but i still struggle to understand how to play them and i have a question about theyr gameplay and choice of unit.

First of all shoud i allways build second TC in feudal age or sometime its better to ignore it ?
I struggle to find good timing to use it and not having my castle age too slow down by double villager production… any good solid build order for them where i can use safely theyr second TC and still having decent castle age timing ?
What army composition should i use with them?

I heard steppe lancer was broken before patch but now its seems the knigh line is more usefull and more solid in any case,should i just forget about steppe lancer or still use them instead of knight line ?

Same question for kipshak before nerf they was almost equal with mangudai but now theyr get rekt by basic cavalry archer line and they dont benefit from the +80% cav archer creation speed,should i just go for basic cav archer instead of kipshak ?

Any good link-video where i can find solid build order with them preferably a build using the second TC for boost economy nothing cheesy like tower rush or TC douche, but solide build i can use on every standard map the time i learn the mechanic,something like second TC scout rush into castle or second TC fast castle into cav archer or kgniht or something like that ?

I know its a lot of question but i’m really lost with them, thanks in advance :smiley:

Ok so I will try to answer as best as I can:
Unfortunately I have no build order (Hera did one but it was before the nerf, might still be worth the look if you think you can adapt it) However the thing I know for sure is that you should ignore it if you go for Feudal rams because the wood cost is too much to handle. If you want to go in Castle age fast while still benefiting a bit from the bonus, you can play as normal and then start building the second TC once you clicked Castle.

Steppe lancer has still many uses since it’s so much more affordable and its 1 range is still a good asset (in this game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XbQoMacX14 from 1:58:19 to 1:58:40 you can see them destroying a castle despite pikes being present. Even paladins couldn’t have attacked the castle so efficiently.

Kipchaks are indeed meh if you only look at their raw stats (they weren’t meant to be beefy killer units, even before the nerf they would lose to Mangudais and FU CA), however:
0 frame delay + Cuman speed boost = almost perfect hit-and-run, they cost 35 gold (instead of 60 for the CA) and you don’t need any gold to make them elite. Basically you can either use them as micro intensive raiders or as a disposable ranged support for your cav. As of Steppe Husbandry… It’s borderline OP for Hussars (since they are so easy to spam once you’ve got thousands of food in imp) but for Heavy cav archers… They are so gold intensive it will cut your long term eco and they are suboptimal because unlike Kipchaks they aren’t balanced around lacking Bracer. If you wonder if it’s that big of a deal: have you ever seen anyone using cav archers as the main army composition while playing as Persians? (yes, they get the exact same upgrades besides Steppe Husbandry). The only time I’ve seen them being use is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQLJJNvneUQ at 1:49:55, but the player was in Castle and was using them a surprise distraction and did only 3.