Love the game but I have to leave - maphacking is soo bad

I hope one of the developers will read this or other players will watch the replays and turn off ‘free view’ on the top right to witness how many people are maphacking. In almost every custom or skirmish game that is 3v3 or 4v4 there is at least one, sometimes multiple and they are so blatant with it, this and the dysnc issues and no result games they force.

It is soooo bad, it happens so much. You must do more to stop the cheating - never in an RTS has it been this bad.


Do u have any games u have recently played. What’s ur in game name and the people u suspect so I can watch replays myself. Can u share more information about the players u suspecting. Do u have any proof.
Or do u just want to complain to feel better? Because this kind of post has absolute 0 value without solid evidence that can be provided.
I assure u that there is only a very small chance someone is actually cheating. Now to the Dsync problem it is definitely annoying and people should be banned if u find proof of someone doing it on purpose.

Before asking for proof, I could research a little to understand what the friend is saying, of course his post is valuable because it brings something to the surface of what has been happening

including something that I also didn’t know about and I found out now

I agree that if he posts proofs it would be much better, but not to say anything without knowing we can go back and search to find out what we found

and with a quick search find an easy link to download tbm and a topic already created previously

unfortunately this makes us really sad, they urgently need to look for methods to avoid this to strengthen the game’s competitiveness, otherwise many will end up giving up because of players acting in bad faith

I always look at my replays, and this post reminds me of a guy who also looks at a void on the map, at the time I didn’t even care, but there really were my villagers passing by, I thought he was assigning paths to the scout, but when I saw So, I already suspect he was spying on me even before the scout arrived.

I believe this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

I feel that if all the server regions didn’t merge so much would mitigate this for a lot of people.

Hopefully that was diplomatic enough lol