Maphack exists and i show you

The last few months I have found that there are many people who seem to be watching everything you do, to the point that I review all the games and see that in their camera they continually look at unexplored areas that coincidentally have sheeps, they look at my city, they know where to raid and when they will be raided, etc.

After doing a quick search on google typing “AOE4 Maphack” and clicking on the first result in a matter of 5 minutes I have downloaded it and verified that it works. Works in custom match, quick match and ranked. Totally free, very easy to use and undetectable.


Once again, relic has us abandoned…


This is terrible news. It should be fixed asap


Uncanny. Where is hope?

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Please fix this as soon as possible


Prety sure that the map hack is there since december.

We only see it now, because it is widely used by the comunity, to a uncontrolable state.

It is good news in fact, it mean that the hacker can now upgrade the game beyound the developers team, and fix what need to be fix, whit out the developers team noticing it.

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I have been noticing it for several months, but in the last two months it has gotten worse and worse. Right now and looking at the replays I can say that more than 50% of the people I’ve played against have this maphack. The game is totally unplayable


in the hidden video it mentions that it does not work with the patch, do not be afraid I trust the sports spirit of the community

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game doesn’t have anticheat of any type ,is shameful how easy it is to hack a game that is supposed to be tier in strategy games, the worst of all that does not even reach
being a hack is a file of the game itself that removes the fog of war with a button and without consequences, aoe4 is dead


I have shown in a video recorded today that this maphack currently works. In fact, the page where i downloaded it was uploaded less than an hour after the patch came out. I have tested it in custom match, quick match and ranked, working in all of them.

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hack is updated 13th july

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I did not know that a repetition shows you exactly how the camera moved at all times, I trust the sports spirit of the community, of the more than 19 thousand in rankeds, few cases use it, most are here because they enjoy the rts

This is very bad for the game and its community, it is urgent that Relic fix it soon.


Did you see this? They use customized room name to sell cheating softwares. I have reported this more than 4 times. Each time the devs just banned the account but do NOTHING to prevent this. They don’t fixed the problem, and they don’t keep observing the seller. The result is, after 1 or 2 days, another new account sells cheating softwares again until I report them. I have been tired of it.


There is no easy fix for this, devs need lots of time and effort to implement working anti-cheat software. It is such shame they didnt till now.

Those chinese hackers probably have tons of accounts to sell this software.
Worst part is probably there are free alternates or will be soon :frowning:

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The hack has been active since January, I think they have had enough time to fix it.

I posted this new on reddit and AgeofNoobs (a really recognized youtuber from AOE) answered me the following message.

“Basically, he told me that he had talked with the devs twice months ago, so they are aware of it, but the problem is that they couldn’t get a heat of it yet”.

If he talked to the developers 2 months ago and the developers couldn’t fix it until now. It seems that they still can´t solve the problem because AOE IV doesn’t have an anti-cheat

This is the top tier garbage we were given by Relic, I for one will not waste my money on COH3. There is no way this garbage of a company gets more of my money.


Every RTS has a map hack. Every RTS will always have a map hack. There’s no way to actually stop it from happening unless you want your game to lag to all hell.

That is the poorest justification I have ever read.

The claim is entirely legitimate and efforts should be made to minimize these AoE cheats.