Love this game

Really enjoying this game, so much less needless micromanagement and more time to spend on army composition, scouting, strategy and battle tactics.

The only downside is that since the graphics have improved so the ability to identify units has decreased.

It is difficult to find time to relic due to having to many other attack type things being more pressing. My problem.

I also think that the this argument and that about civ balances and the likes is not right. From my experience a good player will be a good player regardless of civ. At the top end of the spectrum this might be a worry. For me I just play which civ takes my fancy. I usually get beaten to death.

Still no ones answered my post about being unable to get my siege to fire.


Siege sometimes doesn’t fire. For example if the Nest of bees is sitting in a river, it will not fire. It will sit and animate but no projectiles come out. Why? Relic Designers thought that was hip.

I am glad you are enjoying the game. I enjoy the game as well. However, there are clearly a lot of improvements that need to be made to deliver on the promise of AoE4. The monthly patches and quarterly updates will hopefully move the game in the right direction to retain and hopefully grow the player base.

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It’s easier to handle things, provided the know-how. Thus I agree a faction will be better provided the player knows how to play, but even I see certain things that should change and make the game empty in some areas.

If they could fix those things that bother me, I’ll be the happiest player.