Loving the new event =D

I just wanted to say as an astrology & astronomy and ofcourse history nerd i’m loving this new event =D i’m so looking forward to the new achievements, objects and avatars! Thank you so much devs =]

The Mayan Rain also reminds me of the Mayan templepalace of Chicen Itza, they give a light shows and with certain stances of the sun and moon it’s amazing to see. Fabulous :slight_smile:

Greets Nick The Hun


Why nothing done with the Tatar wonder which is after all an observatory?


No idea, but it’s a good point.

What does bother me is that for such a beautiful theme, the event will only last this week… and on top of that, the challenges require more than 4 days of work to have everything. I kind of feel like they were able to extend this event further.

I quite like the starry night water mod from this event. And funnily enough, the Photon man Champion skin doesn’t look that bad either.

As is the Meso university, but I’m not going to ask for (more) mods that I’ll never use.

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I don’t have a single event mod unlocked. I got the first one done, but my computer died midway through (I forgot to charge it), so I think having to restore the game stopped it from counting. I decided that the event wasn’t important enough to me to bother getting any of the stuff.

Some of the requirements / conditions are a fixed number, for example the ‘build 15 fish traps’ requires you to build exactly 15 fish traps. I got very confused in BF while fishbooming and assumed it was bugged for a few games. 11

I believe the other ‘challenges’ don’t have a fixed number, so it’s not as obnoxious.

I actually i already have the Lluia Maya :slight_smile:

Exactly! it’s exactly the observatory from Uxmal