Low FPS with low CPU, GPU usage

yeah i agree my gpu is a bit weak for 4k, but I just don’t understand why its usage is only half… :unamused:
power mode is already high performance.

Because you have a laptop it also might have to do with heat compensation as the GPU and CPU share the cooling system.

Average performance of GTX 1650 with 4K is listed here at 24.8 FPS for a desktop type system so I think that the score you have is not that bad at all for a laptop with 4K. Decreasing some graphics detail setting could help you gain a few more frames per second.

I still have to test this game on a new 4K laptop with RTX 3000, but lack of time and it’s runs fine without EGP on Full HD on my old one. I would suggest to buy a cheap external Full HD monitor or little bit more expensive that even can handle more frames per second.

I use an external 60 Hz IPS 24" monitor on my now very old i7 gtx 760m laptop and it plays very fine.


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