Low FPS with low CPU, GPU usage

Hi, I’m wondering why the CPU, and GPU usage is so low. With higher usage, I think I can have a higher FPS.

My game is running on a Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED, with an 6-core i7 processor and a gtx1650. The screen resolution is 4K, and I enabled 2x detail.

I know my laptop may not be able to handle 4k gaming, but my question is why CPU and GPU usage is so low despite the low FPS. Is there anything I can do to increase the frame rate?

BTW, I don’t want to use 1080p resolution because it looks blurry on my 4K screen. And 1x texture is too small (I want to use 2x texture as it looks much better).


game is single core (20 yr old), expected is 25% usage for 4 core


If they change the game entirely and make them use multiple cores, I think will have more computer run much well

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thats why Age of Empires 4 will run way faster and have way better visuals as well

Theoretically if you would disable Hyper Threading (HT) in BIOS for this game it should double the current performance.

What ?really??how to do that?it will works?
My game will begin to lag when the population reach 200

It depends on the Intel CPU that you use. Check your BIOS if HT (or Hyper Threading) is enabled. If so, just disable it and you can check below system device manager that the number of cores halved. Although turbo boost does have something to do with it too. The last enables one core to exceed it’s basic frequency until the upper limit which of course then degrades the other cores. So if that setting is disabled you could enable that one too, it does especially help when HT is also enabled. HT split one physical core into two virtual ones (effectively running at half the clock speed of that single core).

disabling HT does give me higher core frequency, but FPS didn’t improve.

They capped the FPS to 60, it’s not a FPS game and so it doesn’t need to burn your hw that much.

but it’s stuck at 30fps, look at the graph

is this the right option?

No, you’ll have to check your bios regarding if HT is enabled or not.

What is the active power scheme for your laptop?
Make sure it’s on high performance power scheme.

I agree that the 1660gtx should be able to do 60 fps on Full HD, but if your screen is 4K it could be lower of course (around 25%). Did it perform better a few builds ago?

Of course HT has no direct influence on the GPU core frequency and if turbo boost is enabled too it’s already optimized for single threaded and multithreaded applications.

Here it’s called Virtualisation Technology and it’s disabled already.
Do you have AMD or Intel?

But it could also be this (VT-d) what’s disabled here:

You could enable it and just test it for comparison. If it works better, just leave it enabled.

AMD , so is this correct options? I can’t find HT, only Intel have HT I guess

Correct. In your case you still could try to enable it and see if it gives better performance.

U mean I should choose to enabled of VT?

Yes, just give it a try with Virtualisation Technology enabled. Most is optimised for that as it helps for higher IO throughput too. In this case it’s AMD’s implementation of VT-d.

To be clear VT-d is something completely different from HT technology nonetheless it is related.

Thax man , I will give a try

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