Low GPU usage, and Intel UHD graphics being more demanded than GTX 1660 ti. Some help?

Hi. I have a DELL G3 with 1660 TI with Max-Q, 8 GB RAM and i7 9750H.

Well, i simply cannot play AGE 2 DE because i start to get a lot of fps drop in the middle and late game…

For each 20~25 seconds of game, i get a 3~4 seconds frozen screen with a huge fps drop.

I’ve already basically everything i could. undervolted CPU to get colder temps. Underclocked… Changed thermal paste. Bought a cooler pad. Reinstalled the game in SSD… Selected focus on performance in NVIDIA settings. Well, almost everything i did and nothing fix it.

I’ve checked the GPU usage recently and noticed that, while im in the game, the UHD Graphics GPU usage is about 15~20%, while the GTX 1660 ti is only using 1~2% of GPU. But the GTX 1660 ti is using about 30~35% of memory, despite the fact this is not using GPU.

I really dont know whats happening, but looks like the game is using Intel UHD graphics instead of offboard GPU, and thats why the game is stuttering and suffering to get good performance in fps.

Anyone could help me?

I really dont know what to do anymore.


Stupid question, but have you tried disabling v-sync?

Many greetings

Have you tried disabling your onboard graphics in the bios?

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