Low image quality

Hey there everyone,

Today I started my Age of Empires and suddenly I got a warning saying something like: “Your hardware does not support Age of Empires IV (or something like that)”. When I then started a game, all of a sudden my graphic settings were lowered. I never have any problem using the game with everything on ultra/high, so I turned back the graphics to ultra.
Now, it runs fine, but weirdly enough, the graphics are not near as beautiful than they were before today. I added a screenshot to illustrate how a gold patch looks, despite having all ‘graphics settings’ on ultra/high/etc.

Does anyone have a solution? Here’s what I already tried:

  • Rebooting
  • Updating graphics driver
  • Setting some settings to medium, then switch back to high

My computer is equiped with 16 GB RAM, 3070 Ti 8GB, i9 processor, windows 10, so it should be able to run the game without a problem.

I face the same problem。(7950x+7900xtx+64g ram)

Delete nvidia cache.
Stop the game. Than go c:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\DXCache
Also you can disable the cache entirely for AOE4, In Nvidia ctrl Panel >manage3d settings>global settings> Shader Cache size >disable, I played without it with no problems.
If that doesn’t help reinstall / redownload the whole game.

Reenable the cache for other games.

Also if your card is running too hot playing AoE4 do this tweak:

Like and Sub pls if helps

You have AMD card so is same path as above but name of the folder I believe is DxcCache
Delete all cached files in that folder.
If that doesn’t work redownload whole game.