Lowest win rate civ 1v1 in 1650 ELO!

Yes, Cumans. Although that they have a good tech tree in general, but this civ for now is completely suffering especially after walls nerf and their 2nd TC nerf and i really think Cumans need a buff.
Maybe some of you will say “No! They have 2nd TC!” OMG, what an argument! A useless 2nd TC that take forever to build and useless because you don’t even have the enough resources early to start producing from boths TCs. Frankly, the Cumans 2nd TC remember me with the Burgundians useless eco bonus (eco upgrades available age before).
So, here is my suggestions to buff the Cumans, and tell me what do you think:

1-Cumans speed bonus start 5% in feudal, and +10% castle, so they will have 15% speed mounted units in castle, which means +5% more speed above other civs.

2-I know 2nd TC for Cumans in general is not that worthy, but i think it needs a time reduction for build, lets make it less 30 or 40s.

3-Kipchak’s wood cost reduce from 60 to 40.

4-Start with +100 food. Note:This suggestion is optional and not necessary if they reduced the 2nd TC time build, so if not, then give them this choice to make their 2nd TC more useful early to boom.

5-Remove their useless imp UT and give them something better.

What do you think?

I think we have already a thread open to discuss cumans.
And I don’t like your clickbait.

absurd, just absurd.


What winrates are you using?

Aoestats 1v1 +1650 Elo

And Do you realize that is very outdated?!!


I know but Cumans recently winrate is really low, there was even a guy on reddit made some stats and Cumans were bad too, in general i think the civ need a buff

2nd tc not worthy, then what we pick cumans for?
Kipchak 40w 35g…they will be teamgame S grade

Then 50 wood, and yes their 2nd TC is useless

You are right.
Last time updated: one week ago.

their winrates are bad. They only have a “balanced” winrate at very, very high elos (with a wide confidence interval, so take the data results within those elo prudently).

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Cuman was good at start of the extension and now ye they suffer so instead of just try to think new way of buff them just revert some nerf they recieve,like reducing second tc build time/buff steppe lancer(absolutely trash unit currently) give back +5% speed for cavalry dark age and revert back the nerf of kipshak and its gonna be fine

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Chill out wth man. this is a good board

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I have created several threads about the Cumans and their poor state. Not sure if devs notice it.

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Yeah they need some help for sure, especially their useless UT

you’re thinking in the completely wrong direction

they need a buff for water maps
after you figure that you can see what to do about the rest

fix the problems before you fix the non-problems

i agree, they should be buffed a bit. imo the best way to buff them would be making the fuedal TCs faster to build again, like 200s - 230s instead of 270s, so that the second TC isnt quite as huge an investment for feudal age, and also their faster cavalry bonus kinda disappears in imp because they dont get husbandry, so give them something that makes their cavalry faster in castle age or imp.