Loyal Warriors card doesn't affect Mahouts for Ethiopia

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    Windows 10

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After sending the ‘Loyal Warriors’ card as Ethiopia, the cost of Mahouts remains the same at 570 influence, instead of being reduced by 15%. (around 20 minute mark in the record game the card is sent) However the cannoneer shipment sent later in the game, if you hover your mouse over one of those units, the discount appears to affect them properly.

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  1. Send the loyal warriors card
  2. Produce a mahout after the card is sent
  3. No discount

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EthopiaVsGermanyLoyalWarriorsElephantBug.age3Yrec (10.2 MB)

Cause they are not mercs or natives

They are natives. Every alliance you ally with as Ethiopia is considered to be a native alliance. That is why the native treaties card is in age IV, because it sends shipments of all of the alliances you chose when you aged up (in addition to them shadow teching to age iv units). In fact the card used to affect Mahouts, now it doesn’t. Also, it appears to affect other allied units such as the cannoneer, which can be selected by choosing Portugese instead of India for an age up option.

they are not you can check their tags, it affects cannoneers because they are mercs, not because they are natives.

thats also not correct, there are a few alliances that doesnt send anything with native treaties and are definitely not native alliances

Habesha - doesnt send shit
Port alliances also doesnt send cannoneers cause they are not native
oromo alliance also doesnt send anything
the arab alliance as well

its the same with hausa- there are alliances that are natives and ones that are not
Morroco - not native
hausa alliance - not native
Songhai - not native
Fulani - not native
british - definitely not native

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