Lunar New Year Event Mandarins Not Showing As Unlocked/Unlocking?

Game Version: 101.101.34793.0

  • Build (4597979)
  • Platform (Steam)


The Lunar New Year Event Mandarins Mission does not seem to be showing up as completed. I am unsure if I have unlocked the mandarins or not (I think I have), but I have attached a screenshot of both the forage bush and fruit bushes (the blue and red flag respectively).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Observe the New Year Event “Play Any Standard Game” mission.
  2. Go win a standard game.
  3. Check back and see that it isn’t shown as 1/1 but rather 0/1.

Note that it still showing it as 0/1.

My forage and fruit bushes, the blue and red flag respectively. I’m pretty sure these are the mandarin bushes, but better safe than sorry.