Lunar New Year Event: reward translation and descriptions

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34699.0 4580616
  • Platform Steam
  • Both Portuguese-Brazilian and English languages


The reward description of some challenges is weird, and not helpful at all. I guess maybe the game can’t get the description right, so just puts the name there. There’s also translations problems to portuguese-Brazilian.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Click the Lunar New Year Event button
  2. Notice the typing error in the second challenge ("…Cosmetic Luna New Year…"). Try to do that in Portuguese-Brazilian language: This challenge is a mess.
  3. Notice how the 4th challenge says the reward is a “Game Cosmetic 3105”
  4. Also notice how 6th challenge has a “Game Cosmetic 3106” as a reward

wtf is a game cosmetic 3105 or 3106?

Check the Portuguese-Brazilian translation of the second challenge:

notice how it says Tue jan … - Tue Feb. What is a tue? It has no meaning in portuguese. Also, the words New, Year, Resources and Luna doesn’t exist in pt-br.
And i feel it could use some commas, here and there. Just a guess, i’m no writting pro.

Don’t take me for a grammar nazi, but you guys could at least review the text, right?