Lured boars should only travel certain amount of tiles

This is kind of a repost of my old post about laming being easier now. Because laming got even easier again. When I made my last post boars who were hit only once and lured without losing any HP on scout had the risk of opponent seeing you lame last second and hitting the boar twice to change its agro. Lured animals no longer switch agro if hit twice.

This essentially makes laming the best option in competitive play since there are no down sides.
Which leaves the door open for the meta to become laming asap. Imagine a meta where pro players immediately go to lame every game. This seems so trashy and weird since they could just get their own resources instead going across the map to trade boars.

Again my suggestion is lured boars will only travel a certain amount of tiles from starting position according to map size. So basically about half way between your base and enemy base boar will lose agro and return to starting position.