Macro or Micro gameplay?

What sort of game do you like best? Micro is basically a standard game. 1v1 Arabia on a tiny map. Often ranked game, with only 200 pop.

Macro huge map, tons of resources, 500 pop or even higher in a scenario. Massive armies. 4v4. May even have infinite resources. Battles can even start quicker by resources feed by triggers so nobody has to sit around playing Farmville and actually start fighting very quickly.

I like macro much more because I like big battles. I dislike small battles for the most part and hate having to wait ages to age up and gather resources for so long.

Yes, I know it’s not the way the game is meant to be played. But I like seeing huge amounts of units.

To be honest, although I started to play this game since my childhood, I never played online but I do like big fights with combo of unique and strong units rather than mostly comprised of standard and trash units as well. So, it seems that macro fights could be enjoyable for me.

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I like macro part of play to build massive deathball army and then micro it as efficiently as possible in battles. I pause a lot in order to make microing many units at once possible. Big battles have a lot of action, which makes them fun :slight_smile: