Made a big discovery, this not a bug, is civ design error calculation, Sipahi function +4% attack -50% weaker life, total ruins civ, please devs urgent read

Please this topic was moved to bug forum, but there is no bug, is a design error discovery it is error in civ design can ruin entire civ, but no bug:


I come here because I very love the devs for bringing big happiness to our life.
Please allow me to humbly and respectfully offer a small help for game, team and community.

I have run controlled analysis to calculate effect of Sipahi function Fortitude in raid chase villager and versus archer hit run.
I have set up 1 Sipahi, 2 Sipahi, and 3 Sipahi scenario.
I have made siginficant discovery. Effect of Sipahi Fortiude is technical design error because in reality damage per second (dps) is only relevant parameter.

In only 1 Sipahi scjenario, real effect is 7% boost dps not 50%.
In 2 Sipahi scenario, real effect 4-5% bosst dps not 50%.
In 3 Sipahi scenario, real effect 3-5% boost dps not 50%.
Fortitude efect vs archer also 9-16% far from 50%.

Fortitude ability make Sipahi only 3-5% stronger (usually real situation less then 5%), not 50%, but it make Sipahi actual 50% weaker vs melee. So it gain 4% stronger at same time potential 50% weaker. Normal horseman already mediocre at raid, Sipahi only weaker.

This numbers easily making Sipahi maybe weakest unit in all aoe4 game. MAthematical reason for result, is the Sipahi engagement animation long duration, relative movement speeds of two units in experimental test, and move path interaction dynamics.

Therefore wrong dynamics is targeted, result is catastrophic. Easiest solution should be +50% attack value not +50% attack speed because of all reasons above.

Why Sipahi design failure so catasthophic for Ottoman? Because mathematics of game. Eco power is dynamic, it snowballs, military power is static. So eco bonus civ always kill mil bonus civ. Ottoman only chance is it has real outstanding raiding unit - Sipahi must be outstanding, or Ottoman will die every time. And also raiding is “useless” if hurt vil but no kill. And probability of kill decresae exponential with number of hits necessary for kill. That why knight raid good, horseman bad.

I also make quick calculation actual damage per second per resource (dps/r) and damage per lifetime (dpl) for Janissary, Crossbow, Archer, Handcannon at real situations, Janissary very lowest dps/r and dpl at reality.

Design error of course happens always in all games, everyone ake mistake, I make mistake too but I believe can help more urgent this because this situation happen very big effect. This not enough to fix Ottoman but make problem less serious.

Please devs contact me send email I’ll give more informstion scientific methodology, I have methodology to less result inaccuracy.

@SavageEmpire566 Very sorry mention you, can not find other dev. Also sorry for reporting this on Sunday. Please kindly I petition for opportunityu to discuss all the details of proof, we love you and game.


Whenever you want to make a unit good at raiding you give it high attack, not attack speed. It’s simple game design logic


You’re not exactly explaining anything. You make a conclusion based on no evidence. And then make a long post based on this. When there is actually nothing backing it.

Going by these words it looks like a bug report.

The controlled experiment is design to erflect typical real Sipahi situation in game, (1) experiement of Sipahi chasing villager+textile+whelbarrow in raid, (2) experiment of Sipahi engage archer in typical shot and run.

The experiment is run first without Fortitude function, then second with Fortitude function. Damage per second is very easy to estimate in custom scenario, can set very higher hitpoint, regular vil null armor and same speed unit to get higher accuracy results over long time.

The dps with Fortitude is compared with dps without Fortitude, and calculate the real % Fortitude function benefit. As I wrote above it’s very lower then 50%. It’s catastrophy

Everyone can run experiment in his computer anywhere to check number fact.


Nice catch !!!

Thank you for your effort


Hey, I can not do much alone. This Sipahi solution still far not enough.
I still hoping devs contact me to discuss detail of mathematical proof, Sipahi design not working.

Are devs reading this? This one not a buggie, this one’s a Biggie.

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No, you give it attack and movement speed. Attack speed for faster animation, movement speed to catch running villagers sooner. If you increase the attack you don’t make it better at raiding, you make it better against everything. And that’s not the idea.

Firstly, attack speed is not animation speed.

If you increase attack speed, you still require a certain number of hits to kill a villager. If you increase attack enough, you will need less hits to kill a villager, which has a much bigger impact than attack speed. Why do you think knights are better at raiding than horseman? Because, despite being slower they have way more base damage


lol, so besides the guys that will auto upvote anything to do with a buff for ottos, it doesnt mean there’s an issue. you have created an experiment that obviously skews the results, just because fortitude isnt giving the full effect ALL the time against situations you have picked, doesnt mean it doesnt work

maybe try surround your opponent next time, instead of over exaggerating like this.

are you trolling?

This is huge because it obviously ruins the Sipahi in the only two realistic situations they can use Fortitude. Against vils and against archers.

Fortitude doesn’t work at all. This is simple logic proof indeed.

And @SpectralLogic is spot on correct about the game dynamics principle.

In fact Fortitude should be become 60% weaker against melee, +80% attack value, since the base attack is so low, it’s still useless at short raid.


It’s Vinifrss again. He just keeps opening new accounts as fast as they get banned.

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No I’m not replying to @PlumpDucklin . There’s nothing to reply to.

No, they need to fix the greatest disaster we can remember in this game. Simple.

You should learn about this game from @SpectralLogic :


Thanks, didn’t realise it until I saw the conversation with himself in the other thread. Does he simply not care about making new accounts each time?

The worst part is it seems his other thread was flagged, moderated and found acceptable. As in the mods don’t even mind he’s making so many alts?

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