Maghrabi Camels regeneration rate

Currently, the healing rate for Maghrebi Camels is rather slow.

Would anyone want the Camel units to regenerate as quickly as the Elite Berserk, 40HP per minute?

So I don’t think the berbers NEED this. they’re a top 10 civ.

I don’t think the camel archers need this either.

the concept of camels having at least the health regen of a berserk makes sense, but I don’t think camel archers or the berbers need a buff to the health regen.

I find their higher HP gives them more time to take advantage of the regen. Berserks kinda need the faster regen to get any value from it, while camels and especially camel archers can get value even with the lower regen rate.


Remove Bloodlines, buff UT.

Let’s unneedessly nerf a balanced civ by making their cavalry bad to just buff a fine UT. Smart move.


Yes, and while we’re at it let’s change everything else just for lolz. The only way that the game can possibly survive is if everything is constantly getting a “rework.”


The tech will heal their UU in about 4 minutes. 40 will be utterly broken on those. They have 60 HP IIRC.

But also, if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.


Their UT could apply to cavalry too.

Castle Age UT (Kasbah is moved to Imperial or even replaced):

  • Camels regenerate 40-60HP/Minute
  • Cavalry regenerates 20-30HP/Minute

but no Bloodlines.

60HP/Minute would still be less then Berserks relative to their HP.
An Elite Berserk has 74 HP (with civ bonus) while a Heavy Camel Rider has 120 HP (without Bloodlines).

Elite Camel Archers only have 60 HP though. Bloodlines is practically 2x as good for them as for Heavy Camel Riders.

It could also be:

  • Mounted Meele units regenerate 40-60 HP/Second
  • Mounted Archers regenerate 20-30 HP/Second

Or a mix:

  • Cavalry Archers and Genitours get the lowest rate
  • Scout Line, Knight Line and Camel Archers get medium rate
  • Camel Riders get the highers rate

Trade Carts could also be affected.

Just stop lacking bloodlines would make them unviable in the castle age. and removing a crucial upgrade in CA just to give them a broken UT in imperial age is not good game design. Even if it was made available in castle age it would still not be enough because you need to build a castle to access the strength of Berber calvary.

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Berserkers regeneration could be borderline OP; Camels regeneration is fine; but Elephants regeneration is a joke


A lot of players want Genitour becoming a regional unit though. In return Castle Age UT becomes the new TB (A balanced value of course).

To be a smidge pedantic I don’t think players directly want the genitour to be a regional unit, but the genitour as a TB makes little sense. I’m not saying skirmishers are NEVER made in team games, but by the mid game you probably have a pocket going knights to deal with archers, and in the late game there’s trade so your team can afford their power units. If you could get the genitour in feudal then maybe it’d be more useful, but by castle in a team game you’re probably not very likely to commit to the genitour.

You’re giving your team mates a bonus in the one situation where they’re least likely to want to make that unit, a team game in castle age.

So at least for me it isn’t so much that I WANT the genitour to be regional, it’s that I don’t want it to be a team bonus and I also don’t want it to be a UU so the only alternative left is as a regional unit.