Magyar Are the best Change My Mind

The magyars in my opinion are the best. Here’s why:

  1. Cav archers have the highest range and are OP. They are also great vs spearmen which is calvaries weakness.

  2. Fully upgradable paladins and scout calvary. Need i say more

3)Sleeper. No one ever is like “That guy chose Magyars, lets get him first”

4)That one strike wolf ability comes in clutch when expanding your empire esp gold rush

  1. Trash unit king baby! Their unique unit the Magyar Huszar only costs food (super spamable) and it has a bonus vs seige which is great against what attacks castles…SEIGE!! great at defending your fortifications.
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Shhh, don’t say it too loud. They might nerf them.

You forgot the excelent m@a rush. Magyar rocks

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I don’t like magyar because of the unique unit.
it. had. no. wings.
Magyars != south poland

I would probably say people do not pay attention to it because it does not have a straightforward economic bonus. But having cheap scout calvary, free blacksmith upgrades, and an improvement that make their uu only need food is good enough for me pertaining to economy(at least saving it, rather than improving it).

Also magyars are good against wolf rushes in gold rush :slight_smile:

I use them a lot. They are cool in open maps with their deadly scout rush. Their weakness is wallers, because they lose the momentum against a full walled opponent.

They are also good against trushers since its easier to hit forward villagers.

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