Magyar Hussars can no longer be trained with the Ottoman Hungarian Revolution

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The Ottomans cannot train the Magyar Hussars with the Hungarian Revolution as of the current patch, unlike the Russians who can continue training the Grenadiers

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  • from the current patch the problem started

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These hussars are supposed to be recruitable from forts and stables

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no es un error colega, eso se debe a que los otomanos ya no tienen acceso al húsar normal de los europeos ni al granadero normal tienen su propia versión con sus ventajas, y si parece un nerfeo no intencional a la rev de hungría de los otomanos.


Magyar Huszars were always untrainable. Only USA could train them with a card.

Thanks for your answers friends, sorry if I caused you an inconvenience

Perhaps this could be used to give Hungary something similar to revolutionary France and put the Austro-Hungarian empire with a metropolis card and advance to the imperial age xD

Greetings and good wishes

Gracias por sus respuestas amigos, disculpe si les causé un inconveniente

Quizás esto podría usarse para darle a Hungría algo similar a la Francia revolucionaria y poner al imperio austrohúngaro con una carta de la metropoli para avazar a edad imperial xD

Saludos y buenos deseos

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Ottomans always could train Magyar Hussars when Revolting to Hungary, but the other civs couldn’t train them when revolting to Hungary. This was an exclusive advantage to Ottomans and that change was probably unintentional in the same way as the Hungarian Granadier and Humbaraci conflicting.

Also, the american Magyar Hussars shares the same model and name but are different units with different stats.

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I see.

I hope they’ll fix it soon.