Mahayana needs change

It is a super expensive tech (costing 800wood and 650gold) yet it gives the same effect as the Goth civ bonus (+10 pop extra) which is free.
Here’s calculation:
In a standard 200 pop game you generally have half your pop villagers so 10% means only +10 pop space.
My proposal:
Make the tech give more pop space like 20%-25% reduction or similar.
Make the tech dirt cheap because it isn’t worth it.

Mahayana is peoblematic because it is with acrazy late game civ. It could have a larger effect if it was with an infantry or archer civ


Mahayana is a decent tech and scales better than the Goth bonus even in most 200 pop games, but I agree that it’s too expensive for what it provides. Others have suggested that it should apply to all eco units: trade carts - which is a possibility, but something I’m not sold on -, and fishing ships, which I think is a gimme.
That, and a moderate cost reduction, and call it a day.


All eco units include fishing ships ans trade cogs. No reason to exclude them.
They are villagers and trade carts on the water. Remember the Bengalis are also a navy civ.
Personally even like to include monks to fit the name of Mahayana.


I like the idea of including all eco units in terms of logical consistency, but, (as I’ve talked about at length in another thread), their team bonus already approximates having trade carts that are ~10% more pop efficient, so the bonus feels like double dipping if the Mahayana tech applies as well. Not the biggest deal of course, it probably would be fine, I’m just wary of buffing Bengalis much more on TGs, especially if they get some kind of Ratha accessibility buff, or there is a general improvement in Battle Eles, as many people have been asking for.


Oh! I did not know that trade carts, trade cogs, fishing ships do not benefit from Mahayana. That is not good. This gives yet more reasons to avoid researching the useless tech.
In competitive games you rarely hit the full population room anyways. And this super expensive tech is very inferior to Goth bonus which is accompanied with cheap spammable infantry and available from game start.

Not sure about it
Mahayana make the already pop-efficient Bengali army even more pop-efficient
It won’t give anything to the civ unless you are booming up to 160 villagers

100% Agree (20 characters)

LoL No Big No.
160 villagers will give you army space 56 only
While 100 villagers will give you army space of 110.
Also it’s a well proven that beyond 100 the resources gain is just pointless. After that more villagers is just translated to your own doom.

At 160 vills you can spam Elephantoes like crazy (assuming all vills are working)
56 Elephantoes in your base all the time is a big GG

if you argue like this you clearly don’t play competitively.
Then why you even bother about these techs so much?


What type of argument you are giving mister?