Maintenance during EU prime time -_-

Really maintenance sheduled during prime time EU TZ?
Is that normal? maybe you should do like all game … do it in morning or in low time zone.


For updates on when it will end etc.

Yeah it does seem a little odd. Maybe do it during Asian primetime where they have less players?

Wondering if the first maintenance will come with a patch aswell.
Not great to have a downtime at EU prime time , but nothing we can do about that probably.

Don’t think they gonna so a seperate downtime for the EU players just for that.

Thats my one and only ‘window’ to play pc games.

Thanks devs.


Not very considerate, agree.

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Microsoft… REALLY? 10 PM when people can play??? Jesus… my cat could schedule server maintenance better.


I really don’t know why this would be scheduled at prime time for EU players and for most streamers especially in the first week after launch when you want to be building on momentum, not slowing it down. Now what are people going to do for the next hour? - come on this forum to complain probably!

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It’s not just EU Prime Time, but EST as well. Who is on the maintanence team? In the 21st century what patches takes two hours to deploy and WHY does it kill even local co-op?

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Maintenance has been at roughly the same time (1 PM or 2 PM, PST) on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, save for a handful of one-offs, since the launch of AoE1 DE. I get it, maintenance is never fun and it sucks to have maintenance when you got some time to play, but there’s really no time that they can have maintenance without someone in some time zone getting upset, short of having dedicated NA and EU servers.

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Ah well, it could be worse. But primetime is indeed not the brightest choice.

(Would also be nice to have an ingame timer before things go kaboom)

Agree, dont mess with EU. :joy:
They need to put it on US prime time, Steam numbers are lowest then anyway. Probably most gamers in USA are on consoles rather than PC.

Oh no, even the leaderboard is down during maintenance! I wanted to um, check it.

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I’m ok with their employees working regular hours, but if it’s possible to do that and accommodate players, ofc that’s best.

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Every time I read a thread on “Maintenance During [Insert Time Zone] Primetime”
There is always one person that says “it’s my only time to play”

Maintenance is usually once a week or so-- that their only time to play? Once a week for 2 hours. I mean, it seems like they are giving notice, so you can work around it.

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It’s back up

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yeah i think the monkeys got their servers messed up with the bananas i’ts still not working after 2 hours

Maintenance is needed take this chance to do something else and it will be back in no time.

They always do lien this with AOE. And even sometimes on a Saturday. StarCraft maintenance for example used to be around 3 or 4 am, which is quite fine.

It’s not that obvious with baby girl