Major Bug since new Update

had an production building that was placed direct onto a wall and i set the way point behind it, so the unit did spawn ion the other side like a siege tower would do ^^


  1. Build production building directly against enemy or your walls.
  2. set the waypoint behind the walls
  3. Build any unit
  4. The unit will spawn on the other side of the wall

Steam Version
Win 10
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 35584

Sure it wasn’t already in the game before the update?

NOt sure anymore ^^ some said it was there before but tbh i never saw it before so i thought its new … seems like it works only with siege and war wagons when the building is at the south side of a wall.

Hey there! I’ve written this up for our QA team to take a look! Thanks for the report!

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