Major custom multiplayer scenario settings bug

Game Version:

  • Build (22960)


When playing a multiplayer Scenario, the resources and Age settings seem to only apply to the first 2 players. If a Scenario is set to put all players in Post Iron Age and unlimited resources, only the first 2 players get it, the other players are left in the stone age with default resources. It works correctly when playing singleplayer as say player 3 or 4 however.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a scenario with 4 players and grant unlimited resources to each player and set them to post Iron Age.
  2. Launch the game singleplayer and set yourself to player 3 (Yellow) and observe it has worked correctly
  3. Host a multiplayer game with default settings (Set resources and age to default so it uses the scenario settings) with another player and ensure one of you is player 3 and the other is player 1. Player 1 regardless of who will have picked him will be in Post Iron age with unlimited resources, player set as player 3 will be stuck in the stone age with very limited resources.
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