Major FPS/Performance drop after FEB 1 patch

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.12.61213.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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After today’s patch I have significantly worse performance When playing vs before. Scrolling around stutters, I am getting 40-45 FPS where I consistently had over 100 before. Some of my friends are getting 5-10fps all game.

Hardware: Ryzen 9 5900x, 32GB Ram, Radeon 6900XT

It’s not my PC. Something in today’s patch (2/1/2022) has made performance significantly worse. Please consider a rollback or removing whatever optimizations were added.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Play game with today’s patch.

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Not Lag and stutter.

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same. 90 fps before, 25 fps after patch

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FPS does seem to be worse by a significant amount.

EDIT: Its so bad its unplayble for treaty game mode for me, cant micro anything :frowning:


I have experienced the same. Performance is much lower since todays patch.


Same for me after the patch

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The new Deccan map ls a lag festival

the game already lag and crash before,after the patch …

The lag was awful, it felt like the beta version of AOE3: DE. Hope the hotfix come soon because the game is unplayable for me now. First 10mins 25-40 fps keep up and down and during fight 2-5 fps. It’s really awful.


Wait so first AOE 2 DE is suffering lag and delay Issues but now AOE 3 DE too?

Very low FPS makes late game unplayable after the new awful optimization patch, please fix this issue asap!

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Can confirm game is down to 30 fps from fixed 100.
11900k rtx3090 and 128gb ram. Shouldn’t be laggy at all

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We appreciate the report. We have reproduced this issue ourselves and will urgently track this issue.
Thanks everyone!


Same issue here. Glad that many reported the issue. Hope it can be fixed soon.

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I wonder when will the hotfix patch will release?

the hotfix in PUP seems not work for me, the game still gets low fps when I control over 100 units. And the situation gets worse in more multiple players game.

We played 3 human vs 4 AI (which we have since game release) on 4 Feb. For the two of us that have new PCs it was OK, but it was totally unplayable for the person with the slightly older PC. His biggest frustration was units not responding at all during battles. Note that his PC has been perfectly fine for playing the game up until last week.


The patch released today did not fix the problem. I (and others) reported this in the PUP feedback section, I submitted logs as requested but did not hear back. This is killing this game for many.


I havnt played the game after patch, but after watching streams and a 1.5 fps screenshot from airchair (lol btw), the lagg is still very much there. Tiny improvement but no where near enough.

Can the patch just be reverted and keep the civ balance stuff untill its sorted?

The treaty community was in the middle of a tournement that has been postponed for 2 weeks already. Along with all the other issues in the game, this is becoming a little absurd.

Awww shucks, so the hotfix didn’t fix it? Uh oh, I was about to retry 8-player FFA on same map/settings.

It fixes for some people apparently, but there are still some for whom it still hasn’t been fixed, me included