Major problems and other issues that prevent the game from growing

I am surprised that very few people complain about that, but i see some major problems that are unsolved and i think it is important that we highlight them. I feel the game just fails in the most elemental things and because of these reasons it will never grow big in player base:

  • The experience for new players/beginners is horrible, most of them play in the “lobby browser”, where many rooms are bugged, it does not refresh well, people who host rooms can be afk (and the game does not tell you) and plenty weird errors when joining rooms that would frustrate anyone.
  • New players/beginners are bashed/smurfed without any consecuences and whout any mechanism to at least make it harder to smurf.
  • Most of team games are ruined because people just quit at the very beginning, again: no mechanism to prevent or punish toxic behavior.
  • Most players dont want to play ranked and the game keeps telling that these people have 0 games. There is no way to tell if a player is experienced or not, you cant even see the number of games played. The game MUST offer something for these players that DONT want to play ranked.
  • We are in 2023 and the game interface is as terrible as in year 2000.
  • There is no option to talk to players and make friends or make the community grow (also probably due to the shit interface).

I like the game and i am very disappointed that they put the focus on making useless patches and adding useless civs like romans, while the game is failing at most basic principles of any multiplayer game: not taking care of the playerbase.

  • Game needs new income models like skin sells etc.

  • Lobby sistem have to change.

  • Map pool crap should remove. Even ranked map pool must have tons of maps so players can find a favourite map, create their own strategy etc.

  • Some of the fan base mods should be official. 10× shared, 256x mode etc.

  • Civ ban option

  • Player based elo for team games. If your teams mate show bad performances then you should not lose same elo.

  • Dev should support small tournaments even in small towns give prizes etc.

strongly agreed most of the stuffs u said.
i am kind of experienced player here but not pro.
but i can still imagine the new player’s experience.

i hope that the there will be an new AOE2 operating like League of legend, free to pay, not pay to win. selling mods/skin to operate.
increase the interface, player stat, multiplayer system, seperate solo queue and premade in TGs, stop people smurfing, or smurf need to pay of playing new accounts(without the main account’s civ)
this game right now is totally not friendly for new players, they even trigger the option forcing people playing random civs, even i players 2000 games up and i must say that there are half of the civs i m not good at especially i dont even familiar with those new civs

no elo balance among 8 solo players in TG.

2 smurfs out of 3 my three 1v1 games today, kind of bad luck but 1v1 smurf is not really rare.
This multiplayer system, sucked so hard.
so disapointed on the smurf culture in this community.

My dream is that one day pathing will be better than the first year of release, instead of constantly devolving.

And I dream that one day Devs will care enough to prevent family accounts from accessing ranked(which will result in the secondary effect of an additional income from the trolls willing to buy the game numerous times to have alt/smurf accounts)

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