Make 2nd Town Center available to all Civs in Feudal Age

Thoughts? Would it make the game more/less interesting? Personally, I’d welcome this option.

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Nah, that should stay a Cuman thing honestly. Would probably completely break the meta.


It would make the game less interesting
It’s better to be a Cuman-only bonus


I mean it reflects their normadic style

but there are other normadic tribes represented in the game

Did you try Budapest where you start with 2 TC’s, or Metropolis where you start with 3?

Too many TC’s is not that fun we learned this already soon after the launch of the original AOK.


i tryd both and yea its more fore dm or people who know how to handle it

Starting with 2 TC and getting acces to a second TC in Feudal is quite different. Tho you’re right the OP’s proposition would change the way the game is played quite a lot.


Theoretically, it could widen the strategies/Eco approaches, realistically we would probably see a lot of 2 TC boom into Castle where nothing happens for the first 20min and a lot of fc into Mango push punishing that approach. At the very least strategies would revolve around adding/punishing that second tc. Castle Age would be a bit more interesting as players would enter that age with a stronger eco and would go for more military units. A second TC speeds up your Eco in the same way as a dock at first so you can look at hybrid maps at comparision, however TCs/vills are just super strong in this game because they are cheap, essential, flexible and underpriced enough that it is not really a strategic decision to add 1-2 additional TCs and vills until a certain point. So TL;DR it would change the game substantially and might make it much worse, with a vill/TC nerf it might be interesting but only makes sense as another gamemode as it would be so different from normal RM.

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Why do people start to want to make feudal SW and now feudal TC the standard ? You hate Cumans ?

Cuman second TC is already one of the worst eco bonus if you think of the role of an eco bonus and giving that to all civs that have proper eco bonuses :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Let’s also add dragons and sea monsters to the game and AK47s.