Make a 3D RTS have the feeling of 2D

Please use orthographic perspective or telescpoe lens camera. It is more easier to measure the distance on a isometric map.

Please make the units and buildings more clear to be recognized. In many 3D games I often feel the units and the terrain just blend together. Maybe consider using individual lighting instead of global lighting on player units and buildings?

Please add grid when building constructures like starcraft 2. In AoE3 and AoM, it feels too “smooth” when I moving the ghost of the building to decide where I am going to build.

Just some amateur suggetions. I believe the experts of development team will make the final game look both beautiful and easy to recognize. Thank you.

p.s. I think the 2D visual is one of the reason AoE 2 is still the most popular game in the franchise. I think we still need a 3D game, but it might be a good try to make the 3D game feels like 2D when we are controlling the units.


i think aoe4 will do it right

pikeman and swordsmen designed too diffrently and my eyes can select them easily all of units

also buildings seem designed different

good news!there is grids.
from aoe4 behind the scenes video

Ah not to be a party pooper, but I was kinda hoping that the more 3D style would make everything more fluid and negate the need for grids and blocky kind of town planning style of AOE2 and AOE1. I agree that the units should stand out against the background though.