Make Bengalis viable!

I personally unistalled DLC until developers make something, whe play random 1v1 or tg is always a frustation. If u are going to advice me what to do with this civ, i very apreciate BUT no, go play them, all fot you.

Wait, can you take the civs out of the random map pool by uninstalling the DLCs for them? I thought once you bought them you had them and that’s that.

According to one Viper (or Hera? I dont remember) video, the only way is to play them passively until late game, when your booming bonus makes for a strong army. You have to wall and defend with monks.
Viper was wondering if the ideal composition for them was battle elephant+ratha.

The incoming monk buff will help them to follow this passive way


What if we removed the extra starting villager from Mayans and gave it to Bengalis? Everyone is always asking for a Mayans nerf and the 15% longer lasting resources should be enough of a dark age bonus for the civ to still be strong in the early game. For Bengalis, the extra villager would fit their theme and help them create their expensive units.