Make Burmese great again

i play a lot of burmese but can’t avoid noticing theyr unique technologies (howdah,manipur cavarly) are so weak and barely viable and also theyr archery range is very lackluster.
I would love to see some love coming for burmeese :frowning:


Indeed. I Think DE balance changes killed their elephants (along with vietnamesse’s one). Now, Only arambai seems the viable option for them


I don’t understand Burmese eco bonus toward wood. It would make more sense if they were geared toward archers or siege, but both options aren’t burmese strong points. On the other hand cheaper monk tech means they can invest in monks against knight rush without putting too much strain on their economy.

My guess on their elephants is that they were supposed to be used like vietnamese elephants, as an arrow sponge. But it makes little sense for an infantry civ to use elephants that way. Other infantry civs rely on dedicated units (eagle warriors for aztecs, huskarls for goths), support units (japanese, slavs) or just tankyness (viking’s extra hp) to deal with archers. Brumese just fall short in that aspect.

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same man, but now that the weakest civs have been buffed, hopefully burma will get something too…

that being said, the new pathfinding fix should make melee units in general better than they were, thus helping burma a little vs archer civs…

the burmese eco bonus, isnt only a wood bonus, since you are actually saving food as well, very few civs get food for free, and burma actually gets 550 free food

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550 free food, but split in 100 in Feudal, 150 in Castle, and 300 in Imperial. It’s true that saving resources is always good, but the catch with free techs is that most of the bonus comes out late. Also the effect of the tech is to be considered, Vikings may save less with free Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart, but the benefit for their economy is stronger. Same can be said for Vietnamese, they may save less wood than food, but it help them putting up Archery Range more easily.
Burmese eco bonus make little sense for a civ that rely on food and gold but has little use for wood.

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not only that, the moment you age up, the effect hits, no research time needed.

Burmese should get +100% trample damage and +50% radious to their elephants

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viking eco bonus is literally one of the strongest in the game because of tc idle time as well. im not saying burma has a great bonus, just that it isnt as bad as it seems…

you’ll always need wood up until late imperial (for your buildings and tech) and the arambai is wood (so its an option for other players) as well as siege weapons

i would like them to at least get thumb ring, or CA accuracy buffed, so that its at least an option for burma…

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I never said the free Lumber camp techs was a bad bonus, only that it doesn’t have the best synergy with the Burmese. Sure it save some ressources and research time, but they still have to deal with cost and research time for food and gold, both ressources they use for units and techs too. To make a more direct comparison, I feel the Frank free Farm upgrade make more sense since Franks need food to make and upgrade their Knights.

Oh ya definitely. They have incredible eco bonuses.

People sometime forget even their 20% extra hp is an eco bonus since they don’t have to pay for bloodlines, and their faster cav training is again an eco bonus since it theoretically means fewer stables… On top of their other 3 eco bonuses, it makes 5. Afaik no faction has so many eco bonuses.

But again i agree burma definitely needs some love. Especially now with the ele nerf,which was seemingly aimed at khmer spam, but affects burma too.

Why? The problem with arambai if you getting an early castle up is mostly its wood cost and the eco bonus really helps, here. Also in some matchups arambai might not be the way to go but rather burmese go boom or for an aggressive castle age play. In both cases the free wood upgrade helps a lot.

What indeed seems a bit weird for Burmese is the fact that they get parthian tactics but can’t effectively use it, precisely because they don’t have thumb ring. But then I wonder if it would change anything because I’m not sure how much sense it makes to go ca when you only have the first armor (even if you get pt in imp). What Burmese struggle most against is archers and going ca with 3 pa here doesn’t seem good enough vs archers to me. So I guess their ca would work best vs cav civs but this where Burmese shine either way (having at least 3 units that are super effective vs cav).


I think people were calling for Parthian tactics affecting Arambai but nerfing Elite armor by 1, I wonder if its a good idea considering the 2 castle arambai strat on Arena recently seemingly looks strong

Arambais are perfect. Probably the only relevant thing Burmese have right now. The buff should be for their elephants

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Even including that civ in Aoe 2 is great for them…
But now, at Aoe 2 DE, the Burmese are Overpowered. They are among the 5 most powereful civs at some maps- Arena, Continental, Hideout, Mountain Pass, Hill Fort.

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Burmese need an Imperial buff:

  • Arambais are slightly worse in Imperial Age
  • Bad Skirms
  • Missing Siege Ram
  • Elephants were nerfed

Possible buffs:

  • Howdah gives +2/1 or +2/2 OR/AND -> elephants were nerfed because of Khmer, not Burmese
  • Elite Arambais recieve +1 archer armor OR/AND -> they had 2 hidden armor, but cost -25W in RoR
  • Siege Ram or Siege Onager OR/AND -> siege to kill (tank arrows) archers intead of skirms
  • Manipur Cavalry -200F -> overpriced

Arambais are cancer in the Castle Age. I’d never give them a better Castle Age


The problem with howda is that it doesn’t make that big of a difference, having +1 extra melee armor, and +1 extra PA would make their elephants inmune to arrows. I would give them an offensive bonus for their elephants.

Getting a better elite arambai is no something crazy, but I would prefer buff another unit, since arambai are the only tjing burmese have goinf for them

What if I told you Burmese is a good civ and doesn’t need any changes?

The only “problem” is that a lot of their options require some skill to use (Arambai, Monks, Siege).

Well, no that much. Monks are not viable in imperial age, neither their siege is (neither siège ram nor siege onager). Yes, arambai is a good option, but they should have a 2nd option to.

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Monks are a good counter against onagers and BBC
Onagers with Siege Engineers are certainly good enough to be used, even if they’re not optimal.

Also those were only the high skill options.
Their Halbs are great, Hussars are fully upgraded.
Their Champions are good (and should be even more so now with improved melee pathing).
And believe it or not, their elephants are also pretty strong.
They have fully upgraded BBC as well.

I think that’s fair enough when it comes to having options.

but thats the issue, so often we see people here posting about “but sArAceNs have a wide TeCh trEe” but like burma, they might have a bit of everything, but none of it is the best, and their eco is lacking

they dont have the worst eco, but they have a massive hole wrt archers, not the best cav, infantry really isnt meta (although better pathing helps)

so as you said burma might be good, but only for high skilled player able to fully maximise potential of units that a lot of players cant.

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