Make Castles as Forts from Age III

Well as simple as the title says, make AoE IV Castles just like Forts from Age III worked. They were bigger, bold, imponent strong structures in wich you could build all units (this is already confirmed for English castles) and they were placed strategically since you could just build 1 or 2 of them depending on how you builded your deck (3 forts with the Frenchs) and the fact that once they were destroyed they couldn’t be rebuilded make the placement thing a more strategically option.

Would you use them defensively in your base? or would you go all offensive and build them in the middle of the map or near the enemy base?

I loved that concept. Having this in Age IV would be great, maybe this time you can rebuild Castles once destroyed but having a low amount of castles cap. to build (2 or 3 maximum) would be really great. Spamming 10 or 15 casstles like turrets like you can actually do in Age II is ridiculous seriously.

Also, in my opinion they should be bigger. In the videos they looked quite small for my taste. Making them bigger and more imponent building as they really were would fit way more to the game and feel more realistic, giving that sensation when making a siege, that you really are fighting against a strong building/enemy position.

So bassically that, make them bigger, stronger, and with a capacity of 2 or 3 maximum castles to buid but with the option to build them again if they are destroyed.


The civilization description says the English can produce all their units from keeps, which, given that castles are referenced in the previous sentence, I suspect are different structures. Is it confirmed that castles work the same way, or is this what you meant?

Personally, I think AOE2 worked fine with regards to castles. The limited amount of stone on the map kept you from making more than 3 or 4 in a typical 1v1 game, unless a player gained map control, in which case I don’t mind rewarding them with the ability to construct more. Also, putting villagers on stone meant taking them off other resources, so making tons of castles wasn’t usually a viable strategy. You would just fall behind in military and watch all your castles fall to trebuchets and bombard cannons, so the gameplay usually discouraged players from just making as many castles as possible. The main thing I didn’t like about defensive structures in AOE2 was how often players would use them as an aggressive option, dropping towers and castles inside other players’ bases. That never made much sense to me.


Oh you’re right, my bad i missunderstood what they meant

About the rest, to be honest 650 Stone cost is not so much and you find WAY MORE of that in the map to build more than just 3 or 4. Despite the way in wich people use it, in Age III the forts felt completely different. Like a really strong building, something important that have lots of hitpoints, and a nice range of attack. Also they had a nice size too.
I would like that castles in Age IV feel the same way.

I think having a “Castle” building is a dumb idea.
Just let people build their own castles out of walls and towers.
I feel like AoE4 will have more focus on the walls anyway.

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A castle needs a keep so…

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