Make Delhi Fun again

Easy easy ideas to make delhi FUN!!!

append one elephant type to each FEUDAL landmark. That is one elephant becomes unlocked in feudal depending on the landmark chosen.

Example: TOV early unlocks the early feudal power-level WAR ELEPHANT. Both elephants would also need to shadow tech once in castle.

Likewise the DOF will early unlock the TOWER ELEPHANT, early feudal power-level version of course.

Since ELEPHANTS are inherently expensive the power spike they provided will be delayed and LOSING one early will be a HUGE DEAL (750 to 1000 resources).

Functionality wise this give Delhi a direct OFFENSIVE use of their sacred site gold; rather than inefficient marketing it or buying a useless amount of scholars…

As stated before ELEPHANTS are STRONG… in small skirmishes… and in super max population scenarios (20 ELEPHANTS plus support vs 80 enemy supply). In the first scenario feudal starts off with these smaller engagements so this lends well into the CURRENT elephant design.

The concepts of ELEPHANTOS is what everyone WANTS to play!! Nobody wants to wait until castle to make one or two 750-1000 resource units AND THEM DIE relatively quickly in the first or 2nd military engagement. I played 15 to 20mins of survival to get to castle to get my elephants out because they are fun looking but they then die in 40s and I’ve likely just lost the game???

Make it make sense.