Make English Farms near Town Center gather (15%/20%/25%/30%) faster also

I’m curious why English do not have that

Farms near Mills gather (15%/20%/25%/30%) faster.

with Town Center also.

They probably want you to build lots of mills because you’re going for lots of farms earlier than other Civs, hence you won’t have enough room around TC, and it probably has something to do with the Dev idea about limiting the bonus in some way.

Wouldn’t change much if TC had it, other than not building so many structures close to the TC anymore.

Needing mills and farms away from a TC adds a bit of risk/reward since you know that the english opponent will have those big stretches of farmland somewhere as a raid target (which also makes up a big part of both his food and gold eco). I think it would be a bad move to weaken that feature.


Besides the vulnerability reasons pointed out above, there’s also an economic reason: English farms are cheap as hell. 25w let them start farming in dark age, in some build orders. Of course, the 50w from a mill is not exactly expensive, specially if said mill was used for berries and/or hunt, but it’s a little something to make a farm boom not THAT easy.

If you could build farms around TC’s, with the influence bonus, you would have a cheap, strong and safe boom. And if you have too many qualities at once, it easily becomes a balance issue in RTS games (hence old springalds, which were cheap, long range and high attack, or current Horse Archers, which are mobile, strong and cheap)


2 TC’s is enough room until you start overbuilding farms for enclosures, it’s 24 farms max, if you want them tucked right up against the TC’s. You can just get the first upgrade on your farms like everyone else early on to boost output if you need. Would you rather have an extra 15% food at the additional cost of a mill (for every 8 farms) in a more vulnerable position, or would you rather have very safe farms?

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Meh, I can always just build mill close to TC.


right, I was thinking this too. You can still have best of both

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Yeah, that’s how I try to do it as well, but sometimes you just use an existing, more exposed mill (by the berries or a close hunt). It’s not a big thing for sure, but every little helps to steer the player into a bit of a different city-building style depending on the civ.
The rest of the game’s building meta is spamming production and cheese walling, so I’m happy about every bit of city building they retain :sweat_smile:

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The reason i propose this change is every other civs have ealry economic advantages immediately after sheeps run out of foods, or at the start of the game but only english gets the advantage mid or late game because unlike other civs can make farms around TC but english need to build at least one mill first to exploit that civ bonus. It feels totally disadvantageous when we just place farms around TC because there is no additional merit without gathering foods faster.

Because english civ description says they have the power from safe food gathering and why not giving them chance to safely boom? It totally fits their civ description.