Make "Healthbars always on" really always on

I made this SS a while back but i dont think it changed. The first one is how it SHOULD appear (always very clear) its only this way because it is selected and the second its how its showing right now when its not selected. I think for “Healthbars always on” you should instantly be able to see whats injured or not, and its just not good right now.

PS: searched for same topic and didnt find any

I believe this is the way “Always On” is supposed to work…not just a clever name :slight_smile:. Mind giving it another check and seeing if the behavior is still present for you?

Maybe its a problem only for me? I did better, i uploaded a video to show how i cannot see the healthbars and can only really see when its selected:

The video helps! I’ll capture feedback for the team that you’d like them to be more visible when the unit is not selected.

Appreciate the extra info!

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