Make it easier to add new civilizations and campaigns for AOE4

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In AOE4 it is more time-consuming and costly to add new civilizations and campaigns for various reasons. This is not good for the longevity of the game. In AOE2 for example, it is easier to add new civilizations.

Here are some reasons why:
-Each civilization has its own music. This means for each civilization you want to add you have to hire an orchestra that has to compose songs.
-For each campaign you need a film crew that creates documentaries.

Therefore I propose that a general music for AOE4 be used as in AOE3. This can then be used for new civilizations without having to hire an orchestra.

The campaigns can be made more like in AOE2. The campaigns are more entertaining and you don’t need a film crew to do them.

Furthermore, it is currently not possible to create new civilizations with the Essence Editor. This together with other modding possibilities like creating new units, new buildings etc. would be very important for the long term success of the game. I hope the developers will expand the Essence Editor accordingly in the future.

When the time comes, you can’t expect any modder to hire their own orchestra to make music for their civilization. Therefore, as mentioned, there should be a collection of standard AOE4 music like in AOE3.

In addition, significantly more DLCs must be sold so that AOE4 is profitable and thus further developed, because the orchestra and the film crew cost a lot of money.

The money for the film crew and the orchestra would be better invested in development, the expansion of mod tools and mod events to promote new interesting mods for AOE4.

What do you guys think about this?

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This was the reason the campaign was a success amongst single player players and streamers.

If you remove these or generalise them to those players the DLC will become incomplete. Just like people that compare AOE 4 to previous Aoe games.

  • I for one will not buy a DLC if it ditches the Documentaries.

I know it takes time, but they set a standard and if you drop below it people will be upset.

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You really nailed it for myself KillerB because i have the exact same thoughts and concerns. I hope the devs have already a plan or will state their process of implementing new civs and content around the start of Season 2.
Also making the Mod Editor accessible for implementing new civs is hopefully in the plans. Everybody would benefit so much of it!
And i would take a cutoff in Music and Sequences but having earlier a nice new asymmetric civ rather than the full package (if they can do both it would be even better!) :slight_smile:


It’ll obviously be easier to add content to a 20+ years old game buddy. What you’re asking for is just to go back to AoE II…

What I would agree, is that there’s no space for Custom Campaigns, something that could be cool to have in AoE IV.

@PithyFir5525317 Yes I hope very much we will get new civs and new content soon. The long time success of the game really depends imo with the capabilities of the mod tools. Hopefully they will allow to add new civs, units and stuff loke this and make it as easy as possible.
They should make a general music for AOE4 which modders could use when they add new civs, campaigns or scenarios. Also it should not be necessary for modders zo make videos like a film crew in order to create campaigns.

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But was it really? Take away the documentaries and these campaigns were probably the worst out of every age game.

Yes the campaigns in previous AOE were much better and entertaining.

I´m really curious if they follow their way of historical videos for the upcoming DLC´s.
But for future mod made scenarios, campaigns etc. it should made a way for them implement and publish full scaled civs and campaings.
The fact that the Essence Editor is in his Beta phase and the devs reply a lot in the modders section makes me hopefull that they are aware of that and finding solutions.

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I think in order to give AOE4 a long life it is very important to make it possible to add new civilizations easier and not so expensive. Not only for developers but also for modders. This way the sells must not be that high in order to gain something from it and make additional DLCS.

In AOE2 it is for example easier to add campaigns and civilizations because no film crew for the documentations is necessary and no orchestra for making the music.

I think AOE2 and AOE3 would not become new Civilizations for such a long time if it would be as expensive to add new civilizations as in AOE4.

So please make an addition general music for AOE4 which can be used for further civilizations, when the game is no longer popular enough to justify hiring an orchestra. Besides it should be possible to make good campaigns without a film crew.

This way modders can also add those things when the mod tools will allow it (hopefully the mod tools will allow it. It would be very important for AOE4)

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