Make it easier to use transport ship


Transport ship require a lot of macro to be used. You need to select units, tell them to go in the transport ship, ask the boat to land somewhere and then ask units to go the place you want.

It could be simpler.
You select a group of unit with the transport ship and ask to the group to go somewhere.
Unit will garrison inside the transport ship like today then the transport ship will go to the closest point it can reach by sea, then units will walked to the request destination.

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I agree. Make it a bit like Siege Tower which can automatically drop the unit


What happens if there is a land route to reach point B from A without crossing the water? Then the land units will walk and ship will follow the cost line.

One of the changes I really want to see is for transports to unload when they sink if they are directly beside a beach terrain or over shallows, so you don’t lose an army because you weren’t fast enough to unload it, even though it was in a position where you could.


That would break certain scenarios like lepanto.lets say you take out the transport one tile before the beach but all the enemies still come and take you out.

Within the games’ existing mechanical frame, the most realistic improvement you can make is probably the Supreme Commander ferry system.

How it works in SupCom, from the above:

“First, select an EMPTY transport (only one at this stage), and send it (with a move command) to the START point of your ferry trip. Then click the ferry button, then the destination point (if you hold shift and click multiple points, you’ll assign waypoints. The ferry will follow these in order, drop units at the last one, then follow them back in reverse.)

“Now zoom right in near the start point. You should see a purple ferry icon on the ground, reffered to as the beacon. It looks like a hologram, not an actual building (it can be hard to see on some terrains). Select the units to transport, and right-click this beacon, NOT the transport! the units will approch the beacon, and the ferrying unit will take them to the destination taking as many as it can in one trip (the notice ‘transport is full’ means the transport has to make more than one trip, you can have as many units waiting at the beacon as you want). To get additional tranports to ply the same route, select them (as many as you want now) and right-click the BEACON again.

“Some more tips:
-You can pull transports away one-by-one to do other things, or you can click the beacon and cancel it to have all ferrys complete their run then wait for more orders.
-Land Factories can have a destination point set on the beacon. New units will move there and await transportation. If the load is light (i.e. 1 tank at a time) the ferry will take the units as they come. Note units are often produced faster than a single transport can match, even taking full loads.
-You can include orders for units after the ferry has done its thing - shift-click to add a unit waypoint on the ferry beacon, then use more shift-clicks at the destination. The game will show a direct path between orders, but the unit will arrive, wait to be transported, then continue.”

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Yes but, unit should recieve some RNG %damage, f.e between 50-100%.
A new mechanic brings a new bonus posibility, so, a new civ bonus could be that sink’s survivor units recieve less damage, f.e 50-90% This way you sure that all your units will survive. In the worst scenario with 10% hp.

Island map aren’t very interesting because when someone control the see you are dead.