Make it possible to adjust bans while waiting in the queue for matchmaking

As I am being told banned maps don’t affect in any way who I am matched with. So the matchmaking software first looks for the opponent and then decides which map we play on. If this is true I see no point in forbidding changing the map bans while waiting for an opponent. If you are a few minues into the queue and change your mind about which maps to play on it would be great if you could simply change it without leaving the queue.


Agreed. If the map bans have no effect at all in who we are matched with, we should be able to adjust them during waiting time.

Although, we don’t know exactly how MM is implemented, and this small edit might be either way too complicated to implement for what it gives, or maybe it’s really easy.

It would be nice, but…

I really don’t care about the problem. It costs maybe 5 seconds to change the bans, and the odds of missing a match because of those 5 seconds is negligible

And fixing this is likely to introduce bugs, because you’re asking for more complicated functionality

I suspect the bugs would hurt me more than the feature would be worth for me

Overall I’d give it 1/10 priority

That’s not true. When you leave the queue and join again you have to wait from the beginning.

It seems like the developers implemented my suggestion. Thank you very much! With which patch came it?

Yeah, looks like this was a stealth change some patches ago. It is never mentioned in the patch notes, but at one point it got changed.