Make Malta not look like a crappy mod

Arsenals are a lot more expensive and would take villager seconds to construct. Yes you could spam them, but it wouldn’t be cost effective.

I had fun creating a “What do I think the Maltese Guard/Imperial Hospitallers should look like” and I have easier implementing ideas in 3D. I also believe to put my money where my mouth is, so here we are.

I choose a period style that is more appropriate towards the Siege of Malta and I wanted a cape that gave a little nod to the Teutonic Knights from AoE2 but in the AoE3 period, I also tried to mimic the hospitaller knight stance somewhat. Fun little project and hopefully it gives some thoughts.

Every part from head to toe is made by myself aswell. Took about 6-7 hours from start to finish.


Lo hiciste tu colega? joder te que bastante guay, con respecto a lo de los españoles en malta, si es verdad que no fueron decisivos con la victoria de malta ya que el contingente español era como de entre 1000-1500 hombres y al menos 800 de ellos se encontraban en la galeras de combate, pero con respecto a que los españoles hubiesen derrotado fácilmente a los turcos, la verdad es que no, les hubiera costado bastante pero no se les haría imposible en batallas como catelnouvo se demostró que los españoles podían darle pelea a los otomanos.

(Post: ese modelo quedaría genial como la versión imperial)

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Lo hice yo misma! I made the 3d model in my profile picture aswell! And I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said.

It would be cool wouldn’t it haha and muchísimas gracias :smiley:

Ps. Hope I didn’t butcher your language, google you know.

masacrarlo? jaja! colega no te preocupes por ello soy chileno hablare español pero el que utilizo es neutro (para que puedan traducirme) si vieras como hablamos aquí te darías cuenta que el idioma español en chile fue vapuleado y dejaron su cadáver irreconocible en el centro de un escenario xd

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have u seen the damage on those things?

it does the same damage to buildings as petards over 16 area, and I suspect that doest include the damage cap

each arsenal only cost 50 more resources then a petard

each arsenal only take 20 second to build and combined with the faster building card only takes 13 seconds with one vil and 9 seconds with 2 vils

and unlike petards, the explosion cant be stopped once its built since it explodes whether by detonation or by destruction.

I am not talking about using it like a defense but as petard style terrorist explosions

This is already an issue with Depots, and you can always kill the villagers and burn foundations if it was changed to Arsenals. But it seems like there are bigger issues with Depots and people doing things like griefing teammates so some major changes might be needed.

but as it stands only the hero unit can build the depot, so you cant parallel spam across the map with vils and just by adding a card like pioneers it would make it almost impossible to kill the vil before the depot is built

There’s a card that gives you a Depot wagon with every shipment so you can spam them all over.

but then that is dependent on shipment timing and spending shipment which is a lot more costly and also u have to w8 for the shipment to arrive which is much slower then having vils across the map spamming them.

I means effectively you are training the wagons from a single source, which is still much less spamy then having vils be able to build them

The only things I think should be changed in Malta are: Malta should have its own church, as each civilization has, and it could be a church with a very simple Mediterranean architecture. The only weird church, which doesn’t seem to fit in with the AOE III era of discoveries, is the Spanish one, and this one was chosen to represent Malta! It needs a unique church. But since you mentioned it, it would be nice if fixed cannons could only be used in the last era, and if these campaign walls and scenario towers could be built by the Maltese. Mediterranean textures for the center of the fort, where the knights leave, and for the gunpowder deposits would also make the architecture less “Frankenstein”. I say these things because you mentioned and I found the improvements interesting. but i love malta civilization as is and the new DLC! What it really needs is its own church, like every civilization.

I think Maltese civ are great to introduce other famous knightly orders within themselves.
Tongue Home City Cards should be sent to us by unique Teutonic units from those countries, for example:

  1. German Tongue - Knight of the Teutonic Order (unit similar to Teutonic Knight from AoE2)

  2. British Tongue - Longbowmen with a Crusades look

  3. Spanish Tongue - addition of Rodelero. Garrochistas and Rodelero with a Crusades look

  4. French Tongue - Templar Knight

  5. Portuguese Tongue - Cannoneer

  6. Russian Tongue - replaced by Italy and its Papal Units


However, in my opinion, the Maltese people do not represent the Sicilians at all. Maltese people are perfect for representing knightly orders and being a defensive civilization, but they are not able to represent the Sicilians.

Hopefully in the future we will get Sicilian civ based on the Kingdom of Sicily, the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Sicilians civ would do well given their strong dissimilarity to Northern Italians and their lack of representation in the Italian civ (which is heavily based on Northern Italians). Overall, it’s a similar situation to AoE 2 with Italians and Sicilians civs.

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It would be cool to have the precursor organizations that led to the Sicilian mafia as treasure guardians and outlaws.


The model is for a special TC in some Historical Maps. It has the L-shaped silhouette of a TC, and shouldn’t be used in any other role.

The Maltese civ has proven a decent success with players. Instead of proposing radical changes, it’s more productive to think of issues that can be improved, like:

The Depot’s potential for griefing:

Inability to delete Depot foundations:

The fact that campaign building models don’t have proper construction animations; Grand Master lacking some voice lines; and so on.

Some other things I wish for:

  • Recolor the Commandery and Depot’s textures to make them more consistent with standard buildings and distinct from scenario buildings. This would be a UX improvement.

  • Change the Commandery ability’s flavor from abstract “redeploying troops” to the more tactile “use Maltese tunnels”, with a “soldier in tunnel” icon. Since the building is a repurposed asset, you want to squeeze out every bit of flavor, to make it feel less bland and cheap.

  • Change the Maltese Church from Spanish models to Portuguese, because the Portuguese Age 4 Church is a basilica that fits Malta well enough, while the Spanish Age 4 Church… is inspired by Sagrada Familia :rofl:

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I wasn’t suggesting any changes to the Commandery, I was only using that as an example of a new asset that was created but discarded in favour of an old model. If anything were to change, the awning on the side should be altered to have stable stalls to indicate it’s the building where cavalry are trained. Touching up the style and icons like you suggest would also be good.

Depots in general seem to be a gong show. They don’t make historical sense, they look hideous, and they’re introducing serious gameplay issues. I think a radical change is needed in regards to them.

Changing Outposts to Battery towers is in no way a radical change.

The most wanted change seems to be giving Malta big walls. I don’t think that would be well balanced in conjunction with them having tons of Fixed Guns. So giving them giant walls would have to go along with restricting the Fixed Gun to be much more limited, even to the point of being a one time structure like a Factory.


Agree 100%, there should be a Mafioso outlaw.

A Spaghetti Western shipment of American outlaws for Italy would also be nice. It’s a little outside of the timeline but they already have a lot of Italian stuff that doesn’t fit like the Marco Polo card and the option to revolt to USA.

A Footpad outlaw could also fill the Pistolero/Gunslinger role on European maps instead of the weird dual-role Highwayman.

Bashi-Bazouk could be outlaws on Balkan and Anatolian maps

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Aren’t you an age insider ? Didn’t you get access to this before ? And If so, why a public post after the fact ? Genuine question.

I haven’t had access to any AoE3 betas. Idk maybe I have the option turned off in my settings because there is zero indication of which is yes or no. I was part of the AoE4 betas, so I’m assuming I’m still opting in.

Being in a beta also doesn’t really give you any influence on the development. Basically everything anyone suggested for improving AoE4 was ignored.

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I know XD. AOE-4 is not bad, but the expectations were much higher and the private forums practically asked to remake the game.