Make Paper Money researchable multiple times

An often discussed topic is the balancing of the Vietnamese, so I thought I might add my two cents.
I think the unique tech Paper Money is pretty underwhelming and almost useless in 1v1, which might be intended but still.
An in my opinion interesting change would be to make that technology reasearchable multiple times, basically printing money in batches :D. Of course you could only research it in one castle at a time and the numbers probably need some tweaking. But that would leave them with a pretty strong Imperial Age and might even conserve their team civ identity as no early economy bonus still means they are vulnerable in 1v1s. It would also make them better in slower maps such as arena.

Thoughts on this idea are very much appreciated!

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An elegant and somewhat funny solution could be a simultated inflation: Make it researchable without any limitations, but if you do research it in a very rapid interval then the gold price on all units and upgrades increases. Therefor you would have to limit your printing to something that makes sense without reking your value of the money/gold.

The icon could change to simulate it’s impact. something like:
red outline = paper gets printed + gold cost increases xy%
orange outline = paper gets printed + minimal cost increase;
green/no outline = all good. you can research it without any rise in price.


I think it could be developed several times, but the price of the tech should increase each time. Otherwise would be OP for 1v1

The deal with these ideas is that Paper money would still be overshadowed by trade in team games, which would still make it much better in 1v1 than in TG which is weird. Cuman mercenaries are actually useless in 1v1, and Kasbah is useful in 1v1 while being much more impactful in TG, so Paper money should follow 1 of these trends.

Somesaid something about giving the equivalent of 1 relic in gold to each player. I think it’s a hreat idea, it won’t be too OP, and it would be great for both 1 vs 1 and team games

The deal with that is that unlike a relic or a Feitoria there is nothing you can do to stop the trickle. Even if 1 player loses everything besides a market they would still be able to sling their allies just because someone clicked on a button, which is a bit dumb.

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Well, maybe it could be related with markets. Like “ir generates some gold depending on how many markets you have” or… Castles (would make more sense with market, but you can build a thousand market, and just a few castles)

The castle idea makes much more sense (and those are places of power, so it’s logical they are used to print money instead of a random marketplace) As long as it doesn’t allow Viets to get infinite castles with market abuse it’s fine I guess.

Yeah, I like the “relic” idea more than the “multiple research” idea. The duration of the gold income should be tied to the 1 castle in which you research the tech, so you get gold as long as you can defend the castle.

How will the enemy recognise that one castle?

That’s a good point.
When I first read Cuman Mercenaries I thought it wasn’t that good, but after some months of playing how do people find it or is it commonly used? But since the nerf of the Kipchak I kind of doubt it’s that good.
I like your comparison with Kasbah and think that’s a good direction.
And I think Paper Money would have some value in comparison to trade as it returns profit much quicker and castles are more resistant to raids.

I agree that’s a good idea.
Would the gold income scale with the amount of castles under ones control? If yes would the tech have to be researched in every castle. And in a team game does every team member get the tech so they can research it themselves or should the tech depend on the Vietnamese player?
I think the scaling with the amount of castles might be cool and the Vietnamese player doesn’t get Masonry or Architecture so their castles aren’t that durable.

To add on the original poster’s idea, maybe for each research after the first cost increasing the cost to reseach Paper Money by a certain percentage (ex. by 50%)

First time: 800f, 200g

Second Time: 1200f, 300g


I think it should be researched once, and then generate gold for each castle. As you said, without architecture neither mansonery, castles shouldn’t be that hard to destroy