Make ranked search better

If aoe3 had veto map system, and being able to pick your civ after seeing the map, similar to aoe4, it would be a better ranked experience imo.
what do you think?


That would be terrible. I would quit the game while that was in effect.


thx for the constructive and productive comment ScalierCactus96


Picking civ after knowing the map might be a good idea. That’s what happens in tournaments.


exactly, this would take a lot of random luck out of ranked 1v1 and make it more competitiv

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great idea tbh!! Would like to see such a including!


It would be nice however a concern I have is that some lame things that get introduced are map dependent and slightly civ dependent.

Take example crabats (from last patch). In the Kings of the Old World tourney, it seemed like many players opted to use Italy or Germany on crabat maps. Imagine if every single crabat map last month you played vs Italy or Germany spamming the unit. It would get old very quick.

I think it has already been discussed previously and the result is practically nil. The developers have so many things to do that this is the last of the latest problems on the huge list of the latest problems.


It is a budget problem so I would say that if they tried or removed these things or op is to balance all this would not occur and obviously every civ has better performance on some maps than others, then it is up to the players to choose the most performing civ.


sad to see but yeah there a lot to do

I feel like we should only be able to veto but not pick after seeing the map.

aoe 3 is a bit too map dependent that it would narrow down the matchups on the maps too much.

if we could just say I dont want to play on x map but have to pick your civ first, then you cant just pick the lamest pick every time.

Imagine when you find a match in qs, you and ur opponent are taken to a page where you have 7 second to agree or veto a randomly chosen map.

If one of you veto it then it randomly selects another map where once again you are given 7 seconds to agree or veto.

However each player are only able to have up to 2 veto and then they are no longer able to veto.

And during this phase of veto or agreeing to a map, the players ca actually interact with each other.

This would make qs so 10x better and less antisocial

Also this veto data can be used by devs to know what maps are unpopular and need to be dropped or improved upon

map votes would be a good thing, however, changing civs after already seeing the map is just asking for trouble, what are the odds everyone will change civ to one heavily favoured on a specific map, a problem aoe4 introduced, and the reason i wouldn’t support this feature, and keep in mind, ranked ladder or tournaments are not the same and shouldn’t be mixed in the same bucket, because remember that in tournament, you already know who you’ll face before the game, while on ranked you don’t

I agree you should nit be able to change your civ.

But during the phase where u can choose to veto a map, you shoud be able to see your opponents civ

seeing opponent civ is reasonable, but again, no civ swapping at that point

Bad Idea. If you can see opponents civ before the start people will quit before it loads. Having a random map is just how it should be on ranked, putting in all these veto options is just going to needlessly delay games further and we are going to have certain maps always veto’d like water maps for example and if you play port you seem to get a decent water map 1 in 20 games as it is.


You only get a limited amount of veto’s. It will cost an extra 30 second at most. And provides better interaction between players.

Regarding water maps, its null point since u only get limited amount of vetos.

The issue we are trying to solve here is how to make qs more fun and less frsutrating and unfair and not about what is definition of qs

For the map veto i say only allow it before you click to search, make it like how aoe 2 works

also agree on the seeing civ of the opponent, people will just drop, which is a thing that already happens in aoe2. I think they had to implement a ban system for that

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Choosing maps to veto with your opponent makes it a lot more interesting since its about mind games with your opponent and more interaction which is what i want the devs to promote

Also make it so that you cant quit while you are already loaded at the veto phase else u lose elo

limit of veto’s doesn’t work.

Say you play ports in it’s current state, terrible on land but good on water. Check how many maps are good water maps in the current ranked pool, there’s not many so if you get lucky enough to get a water map and they veto it then it’s a 90% chance you won’t get another. It makes things more unfair rather than just leaving it to chance, you’d also end up with certain maps being constantly preferred and some never seen.

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