Make revolutionary USA available to Germans and Spanish

Prior to the DE, the historical context of revolutionary mechanic was the independence of colonies, so it’s understandable that Germans and Spanish couldn’t become the USA, because Germans didn’t colonize the land that is the USA today, and the Spanish colonies in North America, played the role of spoils of war for the USA, not founding partners.

But it’s DE now, and even the Italians have a option to become Argentina, just because of their history of immigration, so why can’t Germans and Spanish have the same?

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Please no not until some balance is done to usa revolt
Espcially how fast spain can revolt and ship stuff when revolted

Until then, great mod idea but spain is already strong atm so is germany. Doesnt need more cheeky options


Italy shouldn’t even have USA as a revolt. I feel like it was just tacked on because the devs ran out of time to give them a proper one that makes sense. Germans were at least here from the very beginning.

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Italy definitely should not have the USA revolution and Brazil is also pretty questionable. It’s too bad they never made a Greek revolution to give to them.

USA only really makes sense for British, Dutch, and Swedish. The rest are pretty tenuous. And Spain already has a million other options so they really don’t need USA.

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One notable difference here between latest Rev USA and the others so far, is that the former has a large number of unit replacement cards, allowing players to gain a batch of new units, while losing old units that may have unique buffs.

In other words, Rev USA was designed by the developers, to be a universal option that would erase some of the features of the original civs.

I think a better solution would be to strengthen the universality of Rev USA, rather than to panic about the performance of the original civs.

Nah its not panic its basic game knowledge of the tempo of spain and germany. I take it you prefer singleplayer or vs ai, which is fine. But I think you dont understand the ways these civs work in multiplayer.

Revolts are a thing that is part of this game
Forcing people to play into what you want when few really want to play into more revolts is a problem. Spains tempo and germanys supposed fall off in age3 are cornerstones of balance of these civs. Revolts mess with both of these and spain revoots have been a persistent OP facet of MP since DE. No reason to revist this currently

Why not make your own mod, it takes like 5 minutes btw to change the code for this, and then play woth freinds and should enough people change their mind then it can be added? This would give you space to do what you want without forcing others who would rather not or see it in action first?

I just noticed I forgot the n’t in shouldn’t lol. Fixed.

But yeah, Greece is a good candidate for Italy.

Germany and France were fundamental in the Greek army creation. Maybe French and Germans could have a Greek rev too

I have a counter-proposal–replace Argentina with the Philippines and replace Mexico with Barbary States.

Of course, I’m also the man who had the batshit insane idea of replacing Canada and Haiti with Republican Chinese, Irish, and Nigerian revolts for the British. And yes, I did also theorygame CUSTOM BANNER ARMIES and a full 25-card deck for the Chinese revolt.