Make Spanish Gold Great Again

Let’s face it: the nerf to SG 400c → 360c was no bueno. Spain’s eco stinks as it is, the only perk Spain has is tempo. Sending SG kills your tempo, it’s a greedy option that takes 3 shipments to pay off versus a traditional civ sending 1000c, it stops your tempo dramatically, and you can only pull it off if your opponent lets you. Please make SG decent again!


I always thought that the nerf of the Logistician was more than enough. Nerfing Spanish Gold was overpunishing the civ at a moment in the game when it usually lags behind in eco. I mean, the Logistician was powerful because of the economic tempo it allows in very early game, when most civs are just trying to get to Age 3

Spanish Gold hits when all boomy ecos have already kicked in as well. It is no more powerful than Dutch Bank economy, or Swedish full Thorpe, or Japanese full shrine eco boosts, just to point out a few.


Agreed 100%. Spains got a bad eco anyway was it really needed to cut gold from the shipment, logi has already been nerfed.


For me it was strong, they should do a rework again because it seems that nobody likes the idea of 360 gold, I do still use it sometimes

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