Make stealing UU a thing

Make all buildings convertable and make it possible to train your opponents UU from the converted buildings (and they are effected by your upgrades). I have no justification for this other than I just want to bully the AI with OP Bullcrap like Druzhina Ghebetos.

They already are, it’s called Wololo

At least you’re honest 11. This can be done in the editor of course (via a different mechanism requiring conversion of the UU, not the barracks), so that should satisfy your taste for trolling robots.

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does not work, because it’d have to be similar to torsion + scorpion. rather than blast radius, increase x/y collision size of the gbeto projectiles

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Yes but the scenario editor is not able to truely capture how the level of catharsis and build up. Stealing a UU is difficult you have to get Redemption and convert a castle and by the time you can do so reliably you have basically won. I suck at finishing off my opponents So the prospect of destroying then with an OP unit instead of slowly grinding them down seems more alot more fun. And with an entire game of buildup and antcipation I think it would be satisfying in a way Cobra cars aren’t. And the level of replayability is insane their are so many combination to try And because most UU have their viability tied to bonuses or UT many of these combination would be balanced or unviable. The Ghebto is in a unique situation because Malians lack blastfurnace, and most Infantry Civs have very powerful bonuses. I guess what I’m really asking for is a mod.

Do you know about the aoe2 civbuilder Website?
You can create your own civ with every possible combination of UU, UT, TB, Civ Boni and Tech tree


Thanks I’ll have to try it

You know you can’t convert castles right? Even with redemption. I assume so, but how you worded that post makes me wonder.

Even if there is a way to convert/capture castles each civi uu slot will over write each other so technically it would be impossible.

you can now with mods. with the new indian DLC they remove hardcoded stuff from buildings like castles, monastery, wonders and tc

those buildings now have some hero status which makes it so you can’t convert them, but can technically be changed in a mod so you could convert them unlike before.

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druzhina chakrams with blast furnace?

That would be hilarious if it worked, probably wouldn’t. I am more interested in Wootz steel, Garland wars, and japanese Chakrams.